Momoyama Sushi

04 Nov

Momoyama. It is a name, from 500 years ago, in the Japanese era. It is also the original name for Kokeshi wooden dolls, with simplified bodies, which are also traditional craftworks in Japan. When I researched this name, I found it quite interesting!

Yes, I am finally posting about my beloved favorite sushi restaurant! Figure it would be a nice change, as I have been posting about sushi places, which are out of town. Momoyama is located in the Glamorgan Shopping Plaza, in southwest Calgary. It is a tiny hole-in-the-wall place, but has by far, the freshest tastiest sushi in town. it is usually quite busy, reservations of party of two or more, is highly recommended. On that note though, I was surprised, it wasn’t packed this past Saturday. With that being said, it was quite late in the day for lunch. By the time I had finished getting my flu shot, at my doctor’s office, down the street, it was already 1/15pm. Of course, I had to invite Dawn on this impromptu, last-minute late sushi lunch date!

Last time, we visited Momoyama, we had ordered the appetizer, Agedashi Tofu. I have had it many times, as it is one of my mom’s favorite dishes. However, it was Dawn’s first time trying it. She enjoyed it so much, we decided to order it once again. We then proceeded to order our favorite sushi. She ordered Tuna Sashimi, while I had the Tuna & Salmon Sashimi combo. Then of course, I ordered two pieces of Saba, (Mackeral, my favorite!) and a piece of Tamago. (sweetened egg omelette, which I classify as my dessert sushi, and always eaten last, lol) I was going to also order the Negitoro roll, but wasn’t hungry enough to this time. That’s fatty tuna with green onions, rolled with rice, and the Nori (seaweed) on the outside. Dawn ordered her favorites: two pieces of the Special Scallop, and two pieces of the Ikura. Both in battle ship style sushi. Everything tasted perfect. Fresh, scrumptious, tasty, and best of all, satisfying, especially with great company! (:

I highly recommend this sushi spot. The food is fresh, service is friendly, and atmosphere is fun. The sushi chef always greets you, when you walk in the door. And always thanks you, when you leave. Prices are pretty good as well. Very comparable to many other sushi joints. So, the next time you are in the area, why not consume some delicious sushi at Momoyama, and then bringing home some tasty cheese buns, from the Glamorgan Bakery as well! To me, that is the perfect day altogether. Just don’t forget to share your experience with us!

Momoyama Sushi
3919 Richmond Road SW
Calgary, AB T3E 4T6





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