Sushi Land in Portland

30 Oct

I mentioned in my previous post about visiting a conveyor-belt style sushi place in Seattle.  While in Portland we checked out a different one.

LIke Blue C Sushi, I did a little research online before hand and a place called Marineopolis was well-recommended.  We went there and instead found a different place, but still conveyor-belt, called Sushi Land. I get the impression that they are one and the same, but it made it hard to find.  Still, sushi is sushi!

The conveyor belt

The set up at Sushi Land is not nearly as nice as Blue C Sushi, but it is bright and cheerful within. The first item I plucked from the belt was Tuna, though it took a long time to wait for it to come around, and there were only two or three pieces on the very long belt.


I really was not impressed with my first selection – the tuna was ok, although a bit dry, and the rice was very dry – as though the tuna had been sitting on the belt for a very long time.  I do like how each plate is marked with the price – 150= 1.50$ for a plate of tuna.  I imagine that as prices change that each item is just moved from the lower price point plate to a higher one…

Salmon and Ikura

Next up I had two pieces of tobiko (which I didn’t photograph) and then a plate of salmon.  I was as equally disappointed with the salmon as I had been with the tuna and after that chose to order from the chef instead of picking things off the belt.  Like the tuna the salmon was somewhat flavourless, dry, thin, and topped off some dry rice as well.

Disappointed with the belt sushi I placed orders for Ikura and chopped scallops instead.

Ikura and chopped scallops

Having been made fresh – the Ikura was really quite good! The little eggs were firm and perfect!ff


Looks tasty – right?

Chopped scallops

The chopped scallops weren’t quite as good, but still much better than anything I was taking off the belt.


Early when I sat down, I asked for a menu to see the pricing as well as what might be available to order.  I was a little annoyed to see the number of things that had been marked as unavailable, especially since two of them are ones I would have liked to try!

I was also a little disturbed at how dirty the menu was – it hadn’t been cleaned recently – it was covered in dried… soy sauce? I don’t like seeing that because it makes me wonder what else might be missing a good cleaning…. ew!

The sign outside

The service at Sushi Land was friendly – but very, very slow.  The chefs were exceptionally quick, but the server was unfortunately overworked (and thus slow) because of the number of people in there.  The server who was doing double-duty between serving and running the till was also sick with a cough which was uncomfortable too. I know that lots of my co-workers will come to work with the sniffles – but there is something unpleasant about eating at a place where someone is obviously under the weather.

With all of that said, Sushi Land was still pretty good once we ordered directly from the chefs rather than taking things from the conveyor belt, and it’s worth checking out if you’re in downtown Portland.

Sushi Land
138 NW 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
(503) 546-9933

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