Blue C Sushi Seattle

26 Oct

In late September – early October I headed to Seattle and Portland, and of course every time I get to the coast one of the things I have to check out is the sushi – and in Seattle it was top of the list!

Before going, I reviewed a few different options, and one of the places that seemed to be highly recommended was Blue C Sushi.  We went to the downtown location, and although it was later in the evening, there was a good-sized line up for a place to sit. Although  we could have sat at the counter, we had been walking for so long that although it might seem counter-intuitive, we really wanted to sit and relax at one of the few booths.

The conveyor belt with names for each dish

Blue C Sushi is another conveyor belt style of sushi bar – but unlike any I’ve seen before – each dish is well-labeled below the dish – assisting diners – but also conveying to the chefs which items need replenishing. (I’ve had my item labeled, but the label comes with the food – and thus there are no indications to the chef.) The label also had a brief description of the ingredients – an awesome touch.

I took a photo of the warm dishes as well – but they didn’t turn out.  Each of the warm dishes had a little burner under it to keep it warm. Very cool!

Avocado salad

My first choice was something I hadn’t seen before – an avocado salad – half an avocado cut up along with mango, edamame beans, a tiny bit of lettuce, and.. (sweet potato? I don’t remember!) It had a nice orange/citrus dressing as well which was delicious!

Massago (Or is this Tobiko?)

Next up – Tobiko – or Massago.  Oh.. I’m having a bad roe day! Someone, quick, correct me! Haha


Right after being seated, I popped off to the washroom (restroom? I got teased while in Seattle at the concert I was there to see about the whole Canada/US washroom vs. restroom thing…) and my companion ordered my favourite Ikura and chopped scallop for me. They both came next – the Ikura was fantastic!

Spicy scallop

My companion had been very clear that we wanted chopped – NOT spicy scallop – and the server even came by to confirm that we did not want the spicy version.

Um. Oops.  The chef delivered the spicy one instead, which I really wasn’t fond of (just too spicy!) but still I wasn’t going to fuss too much!

Spicy tuna roll

Next up the spicy tuna roll (tuna, cucumber and spicy sauce) – again, a bit too spicy for my liking. Around here I was starting to get full – and yet there were so many that were so good to look at!  I highly recommend coming to Blue C with a friend or two and split some of these rolls – just to be able to try more varieties!

Lobster roll

I really wanted to try the Lobster roll as well – in honour of my friend Dee, who is just starting to try sushi, but still is hesitant to try too many of the raw varieties! This is lobster tempura with avocado. I thought it would be better than it was I’m afraid – but still interesting to try!

Smoked squid

I saw smoked squid on the menu – another thing I’ve never tried… so placed an order for that as well… Oh, we would waddle home to our hotel after all of this! Thank goodness we had walked so much this day! The smoked squid was actually REALLY good.  It reminded me a lot of bacon – with that kind of smokiness – and the texture of calamari.  I haven’t ever seen this locally – but if I did, I’d definitely try it again.

Menu at Blue C Sushi

A super-quick shot of the menu. oops – a little blurry!
Near the end of our meal, our server came by with a postcard with a QR code on it – if we voted for them in a Washington state contest, we could have 10% off our bill, and if we both voted, we could have 20% off. I was really pleased with our meal and with the service, so I was more than happy to vote. My companion also tried to vote but couldn’t get it to work – but the server still gave us the 20% off our bill – saving us a nice chunk of money for sure! Even without the discount – this was a pretty affordable sushi-night compared to Calgary prices – but with the discount, we seriously considered going back again – and would have if we had been able to juggle the timing.

Our bill for the night… we ate so much!

Blue C Sushi
7th Avenue location
1510 7th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: (206) 467-4022

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