Sushi: Hot Stone Rice Bowl

10 Oct

Wow it has been over a month since I posted – I guess September was a busier month than I thought it was! This is not much of a post, and not much of a picture either!

Not too long ago I popped into Hot Stone Rice Bowl with a friend for dinner – and despite Connie’s unhappy experience with the Crazy Buster (Deep fried salmon spring roll, fresh tuna, salmon, green onion and garlic chips topped with spicy sauce) roll, I was really in the mood for something “different” and so I thought I would give the Fire Cracker Roll (6 pieces for $9.95) a try.

Sushi from Hot Stone Rice Bowl

This is a salmon spring roll inside of a roll, then covered with spicy sauce and lemon sauce, and topped with a piece of smoked salmon.  To start off the salmon on top was miniscule – really not worth talking about  – and the roll was huge – almost too big to eat – which is a pain, because biting through the spring roll is also hard.  Also, because the roll was drenched in so much sauce (as you can see in the iPhone photo) the roll pretty much fell apart as I was trying to eat it.  Very disappointing.  Not recommended.

Though, I definitely DO recommend Hot Stone Rice Bowl.  Just not their spring roll sushi rolls.

Hot Stone Rice Bowl
3003 37st SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 503-0404

Hot Stone Rice Bowl on Urbanspoon

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