Sushi: Momo sushi

31 Aug

Momo menu

Before heading to an advance screening of a cute stop-motion animated zombie movie called ParaNorman (awesome, go see it!) Connie and popped across the street from Chinook Centre to a place we’ve seen many times, but never been in – Momo Sushi.

Like my favorite MomoYama – it’s a small place tucked into an unassuming strip mall. The decor is clean but simple, and the menu was pretty simple too – but I noticed quickly as I waited for Connie to arrive that they did carry my two favorites – salmon roe and chopped scallop, and her two favorites, the tuna/onion roll and mackerel. Before heading there, I checked out the reviews on Urban Spoon, and had anticipated good quantity and good prices for everything ecept their specialty rolls.

Small interior at Momo

Well, the reviewers on Urban Spoon weren’t wrong – the specialty rolls were very high priced, while the rest was ok – but certainly not a bargain. I would say that their pricing is along with most of the places I regularly visit, perhaps even a bit higher, though I found the quality, portion size, and overall flavour very good.

Since I new we were in a bit of a rush, I ordered before Connie arrived (I know what I like!) but she came before all of my order did.  I had the tuna sashimi (excellent! Nice large portions too – it would have been wonderful for sharing if I wasn’t feeling tuna-greedy!) to start with.

Tuna sashimi

After the sashimi, I had chopped scallop – battleship style, salmon roe (battleship style, and then a chopped scallop roll.  I was surprised to see they put avocado in their Ikura (it was fine, but not my preference.) but more surprising was the chopped scallop roll.  Instead of putting the scallop inside the roll like most places do, the roll itself was just a boring old cucumber roll, and then the pieces were put on the tray/plate, and topped with chopped scallop mixture.

yummy sushi!

The chopped scallop roll seemed strange to me because it wasn’t particularly efficient to eat – but definitely looked very pretty.  Plus, I could see this being a very efficient way to make these kinds of rolls during a big rush period.  You could make up a whole slew of cucumber rolls, and then just top them with various ingredients like chopped scallop, spicy tuna, spicy salmon, etc.

Cute signs!

So, that was our adventure with something new.  Have you been to Momo before? What do you think?

Momo Sushi
(403) 457-2602
6008 Macleod Trl SW Map.079b7c4
Calgary, AB T2H
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Momo menu

Momo menu

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