Wild Rose Brewery

21 Aug

Proof that I don’t just eat sushi and drink tea!

We went to Wild Rose Brewery not too long ago – ok, I just had water, but at least my companion had a beer! We also shared an appitizer and had our dinner there, and of course I took a few quick photos to share on Happy Sushi Belly!

Pistachio Goat Cheese starter

For our appetizer, we ordered a pistachio-encrusted goat cheese dish with WRaspberry vinaigrette (WRaspberry is one of their beer flavours). This was fine, though not particularly flavourful. I suppose it’s because we are used to tangy goat cheese (more specifically, feta cheese) rather than mellow, creamy cheese. Plus, we usually have salted pistachios. With no tang to the cheese, no salt on the nuts, and the drizzle of raspberry sauce on top being also really mellow without the usual tangy bite of raspberries – the whole thing was just sort of… boring. With that being said it was easy to split up and share at least.

Salmon Gravlax with Wild Mushroom Soup

For my meal, I ordered the Gravlax. I have had this here once before, and really liked it – the salmon was very tender – no chewy/stringy parts when I bit into it, which is really good. The cream cheese was mixed generously with dill and tasted delicious. They describe the dish as “Our salmon gravlax, cured with Velvet Fog and fresh dill, is made in-house. Served on a bagel with red onion, cream cheese & capers and potato salad on the side.“ though I didn’t really taste the Velvet Fog (another of their beer flavours) in the salmon itself. Of course, I love those tiny little capers too… yum yum yum!

With my bagel, cream cheese, and salmon, I ordered their mushroom soup as a side. (Originally I was going to have a salad, but when my companion asked about the soup, I changed my mind!) I was actually really disapointed with the soup. I had expected something more flavourful, and perhaps more creamy. This really felt like unevenly chopped mushrooms in oil and water. There really wasn’t much flavour to the soup – and without flavour, at least I could have hoped for a pleasant consistancy, but was without luck. Plus, there was a whole mushroom in my soup – which seemed like a really odd choice. (And, having been boiled with the soup, it was tough and rubbery…)

Chicken Bacon Mushroom Swiss Melt with Wild Mushroom Soup

My companion ordered the Chicken Bacon Mushroom Swiss Melt. She also had the soup on the side, and was as equally disapointed in it as I was. Her thoughts on the Melt was that it was fine, but not worth the money spent. She also agreed that the mushroom soup was nothing remarkable.


Although the focus is really on the food – it’s noteable to talk about service at Wild Rose Brewery.

A while back, I was talking with a group of people about having an event at Wild Rose and although those who were chatting were satisfied with the location, more than one individual brought up having poor service when they had been there in the past.

When we were there, the small patio was almost full (though by no means crowded) while the taphouse was nearly empty. There was one server spending time watering the flowers outside (which of course has to be done, but perhaps not at the beginning of the dinner hour…) another server who seemed to be chatting with friends most of the time, (although it’s possible he was an owner or manager and not a server at all) and our server. Our server seemed very distracted and didn’t seem to really listen to us.

We took menus, figured out what we wanted, and then waited a very long time for our server to return to actually take our order. Almost a “throw down enough money to pay for the beer and let’s go” long time. She didn’t seem to understand that we would want food. (Despite having taken menus, and having said that I didn’t want a beer until I had ordered food when she was taking our drink order.) The food took a while to arrive (though that’s much more the duty of the kitchen rather than our server) and when we were done, we again waited a very long time for our server to return to bring the bill.

I know more than one person who really enjoys Wild Rose Brewery, most often as a casual place to go with a group of friends for a drink and a nibble, but it’s not the kind of place I’d want to go to for a meal. There are other nearby places with better food and better service for the price.

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