Tea: Ice Wine tea

15 Aug

Not long ago, Connie and I went to Banff and of course had to pop into our most favorite tea shop – where she picked up a few new flavours for herself as well as a few favourites. (Of course, I did the same!)

Recently, while over for a visit, she brough with her some of her picks, and shared with me a few that she thought I would like.

One of the teas that she brought by is Ice Wine, described on the Banff Tea Company website as: “Add a dash of sugar and have organoleptic journey to the winter vineyards of Niagra. A delicious, fresh, and piquant white grape flavour with hints of exotic fruit.“  It has both black and white teas from Sri Lanka, freeze dried grapes, Ontario ice wine, and `natural flavours`.

Ice wine tea leaves

Dry the tea smells first slightly fruity, then a little smokey, and then finally a bit wine-y. (Is that a word? Let’s say it is!) The scent when it has steeped is almost identical, and the liqueur is a lovely clear amber.
The taste is fantastic! The scents carry over into the flavor really well – first the slight smoky-fruit flavour, then the tea flavour, and finally just a tiny taste of wine. I had mine with a bit of sweetener (after all, ice wine is sweet, right?) and it’s perfect. Definitly something I’ll pick up next time I’m in Banff. Well, as long as I drink up some of my other teas soon – I’m swiftly running out of room – and the area where I store all of my tea is starting to overflow!

Ice wine tea

The second cup I had using the same leaves was just as good – some of the smokiness was reduced, but the fruity taste (and wine taste!) was still there.

Of course, in exchange, I traded some of her tea for some of mine – some Romeo & Juliet Green Tea Hearts (a green tea pressed into the shape of a heart) I know she loves (and that the Banff Tea Company is no longer carrying!).

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