Sushi Tokyo downtown

07 Aug

A few Sundays back I headed downtown for Voices in the Village – a free outdoor opera concert from the Calgary Opera.  Afterwards I headed to the Latin Festival, and then out for sushi for dinner. Yep, it was an entire day of music in languages I don’t understand…

It’s been a while since I went to Sushi Tokyo in the Dragon City Mall so I popped in again.  This time I didn’t have the all-you-can-eat, but instead had an order of tuna sashimi, and my two favorites – chopped scallops and ikura.

Disappointing scallops and lovely ikura

The ikura was practically perfect (perfect would have been if they were a bit bigger instead of stingy all-you-can-eat size..) but the scallops were disappointing – I’m pretty sure the scallops were cooked because they were chewy and firm instead of smooth. I should remember that they do them this way for next time – and not bother ordering them.

Tuna sashimi

The tuna sashimi was awesome though!

Sushi Tokyo
328 Centre St S
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 232-8868
Sushi Tokyo on Urbanspoon


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