Sushi: back to Hot Stone Rice Bowl

20 Jul

In early July I posted about Hot Stone Rice Bowl – well shortly before the (scheduled) post was published, I went back again, and unplanned, had almost the exact same order!

We went to the Hot Stone Rice Bowl primarily so that I could have sushi, and my companion could have one of their rice bowls.  She had the chicken rice bowl, which she likes, finding it interesting and nice flavours, plus very filling.  We also split an order of gyoza, and each had a coconut slush (rather than a bubble tea).

The gyoza was ok – not great, but ok.  Like the last time I had it, it seemed a bit too fried for my liking, though the flavour was nice.  I don’t think I’d order them again (which… I think I said last time too! This time it wasn’t me who ordered them though!).

Hot Stone Rice Bowl sashimi

I also had an order of tuna and salmon sashimi – the salmon was cut quite small, but was tasty, and the tuna was excellent – next time… just tuna sashimi perhaps!

I also had the good-old-Rainbow roll again as well; so delicious!  I really liked the mango slices on top, though my companion snagged the most mango – mostly in an effort to avoid the raw fish!

Hot Stone Rice Bowl Rainbow Roll

Although they don’t have my two top favorite sushi flavours, I’d definitely head back to Hot Stone Rice Bowl if heading out with a friend who didn’t love sushi.. their non-sushi menu is pretty large, giving lots of options for the non-sushi lovers.  They also have a lot of “easy” first-timer sushi options for those who might be a bit shy or new to trying sushi.

Hot Stone Rice Bowl
3003 37st SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 503-0404

Hot Stone Rice Bowl on Urbanspoon

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