Sushi: Yamoto

13 Jul

While in Vancouver, I was set on having sushi as often as possible, and one of the places I tried was Yamoto on Davie Street.


Like Sushi Star not far away (which I reviewed earlier), Yamoto is exceptionally small, and located downtown – within walking distance of probably a dozen other sushi places.  (And even more coffee shops!) In fact, I had originally looked at a sushi place only a few doors down, but when it started to pour rain (and me without an umbrella…) I popped into the closer one instead.


Yamoto was incredibly busy – so much so that there was a bit of a dance at the doorway as I tried to get in. Throughout my wait between ordering and getting my food, there was a constant flow of take out orders picking up their food, (those who had the foresight to order in advance and then just come in to pick up) and the sit-down diners were packed in tight too. There was only one waitress who seemed exceptionally busy, one cashier handling most of the take out orders, and two chefs in the kitchen.


Despite the considerable turn over in clients, I would say that the time it took between ordering and getting my food was very reasonable – though if I were to go back (and it wasn’t pouring) I’d definitely call ahead with my order instead. There really is no standing-around room in Yamoto.

So, my order…

I started out with a chopped scallop roll (with my delightful favorite, chopped scallops, along with cucumber, a little bit of mayonaise, and tobiko.

There were sesame seeds on the roll which kind of reduced the appeal for me – it was good, but I always find that sesame seeds have so much flavour, that they sort of take over the flavour of whatever dish they are in.  I’d rather taste the scallop!

Next up, an order of tuna & salmon sashimi – five pieces of each, and each was delicious and delightful!

Tasty sushi from Yamoto

I also had two pieces of Ikura – perfect!  So delicious!

Finally, two pieces of chopped scallop battleship-style sushi. Yum yum yum!  I’d say the Ikura was a little bit better, but I’m not at all complaining – it was all so good.

Take out from Yamoto

Places like this are the reason why I try to have sushi every day I’m in Vancouver.  Great taste, great value.  Even the tiny hole-in-the-wall sushi places in Vancouver seem to surpass some of the best places in Calgary…. if only I could get there more often!

Yamato Sushi
616 Davie St
Vancouver, BC (604) 682-5494

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