Sushi: back to Sushi Star

11 Jul

When in Vancouver recently, I was up for sushi for lunch, and decided to grab something on my walk back to my hotel from shopping. I hadn’t looked up anything, I just figured I would keep my eyes open.

On my walk I figured that I would look to see where the “loose moose” was (actually the Moose Lounge) as the band I had seen the day before had mentioned it. Wouldn’t you know, there was a sushi place right next door- the same one I had been to the evening before! With my dinner companions driving, I had never noticed how close Sushi Star was to my hotel!

This time, instead of re-ordering what I had enjoyed the night before, I ordered the Tuna Bento/Lunch box to go.

What a meal!

This comes with soup, salad, fruit, tuna sashimi, and a choice of either a spicy Tina roll or a tuna & avocado roll, edemame, and two gyoza. Wowzers! All of this was $11.xx!  Calgary sushi places could REALLY learn a lesson in value from this place!

The soup was good- I was pleased that it stayed hot for my walk home to my hotel on Granville. The salad was very tiny, but actually perfectly sized- wilted spinach is still a lot of spinach in a small size. This was very much like the wilted spinach salad that I make sometimes, though they used a lemon slice, and I usually use a drizzle of orange juice.

The edemame were perfect, with just a tiny touch of salt. I didn’t care for the gyoza I am afraid, the filling was good, but the exterior was too fried for my liking, and there wasn’t any of the vinegar/soy sauce that I really like.

Sushi and sashimi from Sushi Star


The tuna and avocado was reliably good, and the tuna sashimi was just as good as the evening before. Delicious!

I was really happy to re- find and re-enjoy Sushi Star!

Sushi Star
750 Nelson Street
Vancouver, BC (604) 974-0079

Sushi Star on Urbanspoon

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