Tea: Milky Coconut Oolong

30 Jun

While at our favorite tea shop in Banff, Connie was picking out some new flavours to try, and was curious about the Milky Coconut Oolong. Since I adored the Milk Oolong I had bought from David’s Tea a few months earlier, I suggested she try it – but since our tastes are different, what I adored, she wasn’t fond of.

So, we traded – some of my Romeo & Juliet Green Tea Hearts (a green tea, pressed into a heart-shaped mold, that no longer seems to be on the Banff Tea Co. website)  for her Milky Coconut Oolong.  Luckily – I LOVE it – so tasty!

She didn’t like the ‘milky’ taste, but I think it’s fantastic, and I made some up for a Monday-morning pick-me-up with sweetener and a touch of milk.

With the Milky Coconut Oolong, the coconut really isn’t very strong, it’s the milk taste that really takes center-stage with this tea, so obviously if you are a fan of milky, creamy, gentle, soothing teas, this one might be more enjoyable than if you prefer crisp, precise flavors.  (Which I think generally describes the difference between my preferences and Connie’s!)

Not the greatest iPhone photo of the Milky Coconut Oolong taken at work (no natural light) 😦

The ingredients are just milk-oolong tea and shredded dried coconut (no additional milk flavouring according to the ingredients listed on the website).

Steeping away in my Tuffy strainer at my desk at work.

In my previous post about milk oolongs, I mentioned some ‘controversy’ about additives.  What do you think about tea companies adding artificial flavours to their teas to enhance or create flavours?  Are you a purist? Or do you just like whatever tastes good…?  Let us know in the comments below!


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