Sushi: Dining in at Sushi Hanami

27 Jun

In April (yes, I know, I’m so far behind!) I convinced my non-sushi-loving friend to come for sushi with me (with the promise of bento boxes)… Since we were in my end of town and weren’t in the mood for anything fancy, we popped into an otherwise empty Sushi Hanami (Monday night, about 5:30pm).  By the time we left there were a few more tables occupied, but it was kind of nice to have the quiet…

I ordered:

  • Tuna and Salmon sashimi (3 pc of each)
  • Chopped scallop battleships (They don’t carry Ikura!)
  • Volcano roll

While my companion ordered the chicken and tempura prawn bento box.

My order

Sushi Hanami

The tuna sashimi was good – very good actually – better than a previous visit to my otherwise-favorite place, Momo-Yama a few nights before, while the salmon was fine, but lacked as much delicious salmon flavour as I was really hoping to experience.

The chopped scallop battlships were delicious, and left me wanting more…. (who can resist chopped scallops, mayo, and tobiko?)

Volcano roll

The Volcano roll wasn’t quite what I had anticipated… I think I was thinking of the Volcano roll I had in Hawaii back in February, but instead this was something entirely different.  This was a California roll with chopped scallops (and onions, which was not advertised.. boooo!) in spicy sauce, baked.  It was very unusual.  I didn’t like the onions (I hate ’em – why don’t people let me know that they’re using them when they affect the taste so much?!?) but the spicy sauce was actually alright – not too spicy, and warm, I actually didn’t mind it with the scallops.  (I’ve tried spicy scallop battleships, and didn’t like them at all… the warmth must make a positive difference!)  The cooler California roll on the bottom ended up being quite refreshing after the spicy and warm – really quite nice.  (Just lose the onions next time!)

I had been in the mood for a specialty roll that was different and unusual, but was a bit disappointed in their selection of ‘special’ rolls.  They weren’t very special at all.  I guess it’s time to head back to Globefish!

My companion’s order

Bento box

My companion’s bento box came with a delicious (she said!) bowl of miso soup, chicken (baked or fried, I’m not sure… there was batter involved though!), tempura prawns with a creamy dipping sauce, three pieces of California roll, a huge serving of salad with dressing already on it (not my preference – dressing on the side please…) loads of ginger, and four nigiri sushi pieces.

While my non-sushi-loving friend was fine with the California rolls, one piece of nigiri sushi was enough for her, so my generous self took the remaining three nigiri sushi pieces off her hands. *cough cough*  (She also tried on of my volcano roll pieces btw… I’m not a total leech!) I was quite disappointed – the nigiri pieces in the bento box tasted pre-made.. the rice was dry and the fish rather flavourless.  However, she said that the rest was delicious – and if you are going out with a non-sushi-loving friend, it’s a very affordable option – her box cost just a little over half of what my meal cost – and I think she got more food to fill a hungry tummy!

Sushi Hanami offers four all-day bento boxes, and another 5 or 6 (I didn’t look) for lunch only.  I have been meaning to head over there with a co-worker for a few months now… (our Fridays start off so quiet at the beginning of the week and keep getting packed by the end of the week!) so I might have to try one of the bento boxes myself… supplemented with a chopped scallop battleship though of course!


So, I clearly need to find more places that offer awesome (and well-priced) bento boxes.  Since that’s not something I normally look for on a menu, gimme some recommendations where I can go with my non-sushi-loving friends!  Let me know about some of the best bentos in Calgary in the comments below!

Sushi Hanami
#17, 4604 – 37th St. SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 242-3131


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3 responses to “Sushi: Dining in at Sushi Hanami

  1. anita

    June 28, 2012 at 12:22 am

    Onions on sushi?? Nooooooo =[

    • Dawn

      June 29, 2012 at 8:18 pm

      I agree – though my BFF loves onions on hers… but our tastes differ a LOT.


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