Tea: T-sac

24 Jun

The before: Red tea spilling from the infuser

I can’t help chuckle at the name, but T-sacs are essentially make-your-own tea bags, especially for loose leaf teas.

From Germany, they’re an answer for those of us who want the flavours and variety (as well as being able to control the strength by adding more or less tea) of loose-leaf tea, while still having the convenience of easy-to-clean tea bags.  (Which is to say, they can be directly disposed of – or composted – rather than having a filter or infuser to clean.)  T-sacs come in four sizes – from a personal cup of tea to a pot of tea.

But really… if you already have an infuser, (either the spoon-style pictured here, the Tuffy style I’ve reviewed before, or a Bodum press for that matter either) do you really need tea bags?


I can definitely see the argument against extra cost and waste, although when it comes to those darn rooibos teas, having a finer filter has a huge advantage.

The after: happy tea, nestled in the t-sac, ready for steeping

No matter how careful I am with my Bodum press, ‘leaves’ escape.  The same can be said for all of the other infusers I’ve used – the holes are just large enough to let the super-fine rooibos tea slip through.  The same goes for teas that are at the bottom of the bag, or pre-packaged (and crushed) loose leaf tea.  I don’t mind a few leaves here and there, but the tea I’ll sip in my office at work is different than what I’d serve to guests!

So, if you drink a lot of rooibos tea, I’d say pick up a package – but in my case, I expect that they will last a LONG time, as I rarely feel the need to use them.  I picked mine up at the Banff Tea Company, though I’ve see them in other tea and coffee specialty shops quite regularly.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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