Sushi: More Momo-Yama

20 Jun

In April, on a bit of a whim Connie and I got together for sushi – originally thinking of going to Sushi Hanami (because it’s so darn close, and we’ve never needed a reservation) but while she was outside waiting for me, and I was still getting dressed (it was a whim! I’m not just perpetually late!) I suggested she call Momo-Yama and see if we could get a reservation.  It was a Sunday afternoon (about 4pm) and…. success!

So off we went to Momo-Yama!

Sushi from MomoYama

After the frankly… terrible salmon experience at Momo-Yama last time (which was luckily resolved, but still annoyed me..) I wasn’t interested in either the gyoza nor the salmon sashimi, so I had an order of tuna sashimi instead, along with my favorite ikura and chopped scallop battleship-style sushi.

The tuna was good, but had a vaguely frozen-and-thawed texture that I wasn’t impressed with.  I totally understand that I live in the prairies/foothills and not right beside an ocean – but still I know I can get better – and I have from Momo-yama in the past. The ikura and chopped scallops were just fine – nothing remarkable, but certainly yummy.  Connie (since she SAID she’d post but hasn’t yet.. *nudge nudge*) had the salmon and tuna sashimi (and said that the salmon was somewhat flavorless) as well as her favorite tuna and onion roll and her ‘dessert’ sushi – saba.

Not much new to say – I still love Momo-Yama, and love that it’s so close… but I hope the few recent not-so-wonderful experiences aren’t an indication of their quality going down.  (Or worse still, my expectations going up.. because then I’ll never be satisfied!)

Momo-Yama Sushi Japanese Cuisine
3919 Richmond Rd SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 233-0995

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