Tea – A great way to start the day

11 Jun

Good Earth Cafe Earl Grey Latte

Sometimes Mondays just start TOO early.  My treat – an organic Earl Grey Latte and a pumpkin spice muffin from Good Earth Cafe (located very close to where I work, and on my way).  A tasty solution to those mornings where even the thought of breakfast is too ambitious.

I get mine with skim milk and sugar-free vanilla syrup (I swear the regular vanilla syrup is addictive…) which makes it a LITTLE bit healthier.  I figure the skim milk cancels out all of the oil in the muffin.  Right?

Oh, and I also TRY to use my own travel mug… like the time in the photo.  I’m not always successful though.  Mondays. Grrrrr


Good Earth Cafe Pumpkin Spice muffin

Normally I ask for your comments.  This time, please DON’T tell me how much oil is in these muffins…. sooo tasty!

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