Sushi: Umi Sushi Express

03 Jun

I think that I’ve annoyed the sushi gawds, because I’ve been having several disappointing sushi experiences lately.  While I like the concept of trying new places, perhaps I had better go back to my old tried-and-true sushi places for a while to get over this sushi hurdle!

With such a positive (haha, sarcasm!) introduction, I’m sure you can guess that my experience at Umi Sushi Express wasn’t fantastic.

Umi Express sushi

Once before I went there, and didn’t end up getting anything (I don’t spend much time up at Market Mall) but this time I did – a combo with 8 pieces of a crab meat roll and three pieces of nigiri sushi: tuna, salmon, and prawn.  This is generic, ordinary fast-food, food-court sushi – the selection is minimal, and the likelihood of your sushi having been sitting there for hours before you consume it, high.

It was fine.  There was nothing special about it either way – this is not a negative review, but rather an apathetic one.  Would I have sushi there again – probably not, but it would depend if I was in the mood for a boring burger, or boring sushi.  Would I recommend it? No.  Would I suggest avoiding it? Also no.


Umi Sushi Express (Market Mall)
3625 Shaganappi Trl NW
Calgary, AB T3A5P9
(403) 247-8878

Umi Sushi Express (Market Mall) on Urbanspoon

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