Sushi: Sushi Star

01 Jun

Not too long ago I was on an awesome trip to Vancouver, and of course whole there I ~needed~ to have sushi… Sometimes more than once per day.

Inside Sushi Star

My first dinner was take out from Sushi Star. I met up with some other folks, and we went back to their place to enjoy. (Plus, there was a sweet little doggie I needed to say hello to!)

Sushi Star menu

Sushi Star is remarkably small, but they have a surprisingly diverse menu. While my dinner companions ordered non-sushi items, I ordered a tuna and salmon sashimi, plus a Tropical Roll.

When we got home, we found that the order also comes with a side of rice, and a miso soup! The sashimi was five pieces each of tuna and salmon, which was delicious! The salmon was sockeye salmon though, and very bright/dark. It was good, but I think I prefer whatever variety is usually used instead.

The Tropical Roll is a scallop roll covered with avocado and mango- and it had some sort of unadvertised sauce as well. I have really been enjoying mango in sushi lately- so flavorful!

My conclusion, Sushi Star is a star! Mind you, apart from one really terrible airport fast-food experience, I can’t ever recall having bad sushi while in Vancouver!

Outside Sushi Star

Sushi Star
750 Nelson Street
Vancouver, BC (604) 974-0079

Sushi Star on Urbanspoon

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