Sushi: Fuji Yama (17th Avenue)

24 May

Once again we found ourselves down on 17th Avenue with a bit of time to kill (mostly because of plans gone awry) and with many places full (lovely weather sure fills up those patios on a Saturday afternoon!) we wandered down to Fuji Yama in the basement of the Devinish building.

We honestly weren’t too hungry – just looking for a place to sit down, chat, have a drink, and spend some time together, so our order was very, very small. I’ve reviewed the 17th Avenue Fuji Yama in the past, and wasn’t especially thrilled…

Four pieces and a roll from Fuji Yama

While my companion had her Saba, I had two pieces of special scallop, and a “North Pole” roll which had salmon, salmon roe, and ‘Japanese basil’.

The scallop was… underwhelming.  Like the previous experience – the presentation was so bland and boring… It tasted find, but it was nothing special.  Also, I’m pretty sure that my upset stomach later that evening was largely due to the scallop (occasionally I have the reaction, though I’m not sure why..)

The North Pole roll was equally disappointing – like the Cajun spice that had overwhelmed the Grasshopper roll in my previous Fuji Yama experience, this time the basil completely overwhelmed the flavours of either the salmon or the roe.  It wasn’t bad – but I just expect rolls to be better balanced in their flavours than this.

The best part of the experience was having the time to sit and chat with a friend, and our very friendly and helpful server.

Fuji Yama
in the basement of the Devinish building (enter through the back)
908 17 Avenue SW
Tel: (403) 245-3854 Fax: (403) 245-3852

Fuji Yama on Urbanspoon



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