Sushi: Yet another take out dinner from Sushi Hanami

20 May

I visit my closest Sushi place so often, that it’s almost not even worth talking about.  For more posts about Sushi Hanami, just click the Sushi Hanami tag

So, instead – photos!

Interior shot thanks to my iPhone

Now and again I like to share photos of the interiors of the places I go.  They haven’t even replaced the tiles since this was a doughnut shop!  Faces blurred for privacy.  It was still pretty early in the evening (I had gotten out of class half an hour early), so I was the only one in there. While this is unusual, it never seems PACKED in there either.

Yummy take out! I think my iPhone photos are getting better!

Nothing to unusual… my regular order of tuna & salmon sashimi, two pieces of chopped scallop, and since they don’t carry Ikura, two pieces of Tobiko instead.

So, the bill for my take out came to $22.52 with tax.

Price chart

Sushi Menu price (before tax)
Salmon & tuna sashimi $11.9x/ 6 pieces
Special scallop $2.50 / each
Tobiko $2.25 / each
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