Sushi: Co-op sushi to-go

09 May

I’ve had a bunch of posts of sushi from Co-op, so I won’t talk too much about it. Instead – pictures!

Sushi from Co-op

First up, what they called a ‘Rainbow Roll’.  It isn’t anything even like a Rainbow Roll, this one has tiny shrimp instead of crab meat in the roll itself, and then on top is crab meat with a drizzle of spice sauce, then finely chopped mango, and finally raw salmon.  On the plate (though I don’t think there were any in the roll) was also some of those puffed things that remind me of Rice Krispies.  What are those things?  I don’t really LIKE shrimp, but it was still really good though! (Hard to eat, but good!)

Sushi from Co-op

I can’t  even remember what they called this roll, but it looked so interesting in the package – but it wasn’t.  I didn’t even eat half of it because I got tired of it.  There is a LOT of rice in this one, and it’s crab and cucumber and avocado inside, topped with crab meat, spicy sauce, and those weird fried onion things you get in a can…. (I remember my mum used to use them on the top of tuna casserole).  Even after scraping as much of the onion-stuff off the top, the roll still really tasted like onion, and I just couldn’t eat much of it.  I think I had three pieces of the 8-piece roll.  😦

Note to self: when they have these huge rolls, only get one….

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