Tea: Spiced Chocolate Chai

06 May

Spiced chocolate chai

I love chocolate, and I have loved a number of chocolate-flavoured teas (most of all White Chocolate Mousse from the Banff Tea Co.) so I was exited to try a bunch of the new (at least to me!) chocolate teas from Teaopia.  One of these is Spiced Chocolate Chai.  I love chocolate, and I love chai, so it’s all good!

The Teaopia website describes Spiced Chocolate Chai as:

The spicy flavours of classic Chai have been perfectly combined with chocolate to create a decadent, delicious and healthy Rooibos blend. Includes Organic Rooibos, cinnamon, ginger, pineapple, cardamom, cloves, white chocolate chips, goji berries, and anise seeds.

Sounds delicious, right?
Dry, the tea doesn’t really smell like much, so if you’ve been into the shop and it didn’t appeal to you, consider picking up just a little 50 grams or a to-go glass instead. (If you think you’d like it anyways that is!) Once made up, the tea is a little surprizing. I suppose I was really expecting more of a chocolate flavour. Honestly looking at the dry tea, I couldn’t find a single chocolate chip.

Spiced chocolate chai

Since I had it without milk, and just my regular sweetener, it lacked the creaminess that I normally associate with chai blends (since I always have them with milk…) The spiciness is a bit more spicy that most chai blends that I am used to too – or at least the way I remember them tasting.  (No taste comparison going on tonight!)  The chocolate flavour is also very subtle and not immediate at all. It does come through a little bit, but it’s not the luxurious dessert-like experience I’d been hoping for.  I can’t say that I can pick out any one ingredient especially though. You know how when you’re drinking a tea and you’re like “oooh, there’s the clove” or any other single ingredient?  This one is very well blended so it’s pleasant, and spicy, but no one flavour seems to really jump out.

I’d say that if you’re a spicy chai fan, you might very much like this interpretation – but if you are looking for a soothing chocolate, this isn’t the best tea.  Perhaps I’ll try it with milk in future.

That being said, even after four infusions it still had a lot of kick, so you get your money’s worth with this one if you do like it!


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