Sushi Boat

01 May

Earlier this month of April, Dawn and I had planned, to head out to Banff, for a weekend, filled with the Hot Springs, Banff Tea Company, and lots of sushi. However, it did not pan out, due to the Kelly Ripa show, being filmed there, on that very same weekend. We had heard, that everything was booked months ahead of time. This included hotels, (even though we had not planned to stay overnight, but still!) restaurants, and of course, the Hot Springs. Therefore, if one had not made any reservations, there was no way we’d get in anywhere. Crazy!!!

Well, despite the disappointing fact that our lil weekend in Banff did not happen, we were determined to consume some yummy sushi. Nothing can get in our way of that! (except for the fact of certain restaurants not being opened, etc.) We found ourselves driving up to the Sushi Boat, in Crowfoot. I had heard many general reviews, of it being a fabulous sushi spot, either on the internet or from friends, who had visited in the past.

When we arrived, we figured their waiting system out. There was a pad of paper at the front desk/cashier, where one could choose whether you’d like to sit at the floating sushi bar, or a booth, and for how many guests. We immediately chose the booth for two. The wait was approximately 10 minutes. Not bad at all, considering it was lunchtime, on a Saturday, and it was bustling in there. Once seated, we were given menus, which explained the cost of each dish. This was categorized via plate colour. Fairly simple to comprehend. We also asked for two glasses of water, as we always find ourselves thirsty, from the sodium intake of soya sauce! A side note, I noticed they were quite well-staffed. and were also attentive. (ie: filling our water glasses, and seeing whether we wished to order dishes, that may not have been generated on the floating sushi boats as of yet)

Upon observation of the sushi chefs, I was fascinated to notice, two machines present. One dispensed the molded pieces of rice for Nigir Sushi. So neat! And the other one enabled the chefs to insert a piece of seaweed into a tray, which already had rice laid out in it. I saw a chef fill the machine with rice from the top. Such time-saving mechanisms. Wonder where one would purchase those machines. Most likely for a hefty cost!


Other than consuming our usual favorites, like the salmon, saba, ikura, and special scallop; we also managed to try a couple of different types. The first one was the size of what a Chef’s roll would be. (big, wide roll, one which is impossible to fit into your mouth, safely in one go) It was filled with salmon and advocado. The neat thing was, it had been deep fried in tempura batter, and served with the orange hot sauce. It was amazingly delicious! The second one, if I recall correctly, we thought would either be preserved turnip or marinated mushrooms, turned out to be something else. If Dawn remembers, I’m sure she will mention what it actually was. I knew I should’ve saved notes in my phone, ha! There was also another roll, near the end of our meal, that we had wanted to try. But we were just too full. I had also consumed the Chef’s roll, but the one filled with tempura shrimp and advocado. Dawn didn’t have that one, as she is not a huge fan of shrimp. And of course, I ended my meal, with what I deem as my ‘dessert sushi’. Yes, the Tamago! It was light and fluffy, but cut a little too thick for my liking. Nonetheless, it was a good wrap to our sushi experience at the Sushi Boat!   

All in all, our lunch wasn’t bad, but for the location of the restaurant, I wouldn’t make a special trip. However, if I happened to be in the area, I wouldn’t mind eating there again. The sushi wasn’t terrible, but the atmosphere is not my type. I am one which prefers more of a restaurant, then the floating sushi bar. With that being said, Sushi Boat was very clean, and the service was friendly enough. My bill came to approximately $25.00, and that is including the tip already. Not bad at all, considering the fact, that we had about 6-8 plates of sushi each. The plates ranged from $2.00 to $3.50 each. So, off we went to Bernard Callebault, after a Happy Sushi Belly! If you are ever in the area, and have an opportunity to try the Sushi Boat out, please let us know of your experience, by commenting to my post. Thank-you for reading my second sushi post! Ps- Please do not mind my terrible editing job. Seemed much easier to add photos via mobile, than on my laptop. Imagine that. Well, guess with more practice, I’ll be better at this whole WordPress idea (:

Sushi Boat

#806 Crowfoot Crescent, NW

Clagary, AB   T3G 4S3

(403) 239-1818

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