Sushi: Back to Momo-yama

01 May

I’ve talked about Momo-yama a few times -my favorite sushi place so far in Calgary – not only because it’s very close to home and work!

The second half of our sashimi - we started eating before photo-taking!

Well, Connie and I went there not too long ago and I thought I’d share a short post about some of our goodies…


We had hoped to get an 8pm reservation (because she had a 7pm appointment and we didn’t want to push our luck) but they would only give us a 7:30pm. It turned out to be fine since her appointment was quick, and both of us arrived early!


This time around we didn’t split a gyoza – they are usually great here, but I wasn’t really in the mood.  Instead we both had an order of salmon and tuna sashimi, and then some of our personal favorites – tobiko, ikura, and special scallop for me!

Chopped Scallop from Momo-yama

I really wanted more ikura when it was all done, it was just SO good!

Momo-Yama Sushi Japanese Cuisine
(403) 233-0995
3919 Richmond Rd SW
Calgary, AB

Momo-Yama Sushi Japanese Cuisine on Urbanspoon

Nigiri sushi

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