Cooked Tuna? On a sushi blog?

29 Apr

I loved the seared tuna sandwich I had when in Maui, that I wanted to replicate it – well, in my own way that is!

I had the furikake seasoning already which is probably the biggest challenge – so off I went to Safeway to pick up a nice piece of Tuna.  They didn’t have any in the display!  However the woman behind the counter sensed my distress as I tried to figure out if salmon would work instead… and brought out some frozen Yellow Fin Tuna from the back.  Hurrah!.  Next, to figure out how to work with frozen tuna instead of ‘fresh’ (ok… here in Calgary it’s fresh-from-frozen, but still…)


Apparently back in the day, people would have books to tell them how to do things.  Instead I used the sink method suggested by eHow to defrost the tuna…

While the tuna was defrosting, I started on the wasabi dressing.  I started out just mixing some powdered wasabi with mayo, (yes, I have wasabi powder in my spice cabinet.. don’t you?) but after a tiny taste I figured it needed something else.  So out came the recipe book – and by recipe book I mean the Safari browser on my iPhone and I grabbed the Wasabi Mayonnaise Recipe from  Frankly – I didn’t follow the recipe, but added a little lemon juice, and some garlic powder along with some sea salt to what I already had, then put MORE wasabi powder in, and mixed it all up.  Ultimately, it could have been spicier – my wasabi powder is old and perhaps has lost some of it’s potency.  Still, it was really good and a nice change.

When the tuna was mostly defrosted I rubbed it with the furikake seasoning, tossed it in the pan to sear it (actually I cooked it more than I personally would have liked because my dinner companion doesn’t like fish ‘undercooked’) while the foccacia bread toasted and the tomatos were sliced up.

I skipped the lettuce and put spinach on instead.  No butter on the bread – that’s what the wasabi mayo was for! Yum!

So, the result – not quite the same as what I had in Maui, but still really tasty, and a great way to enjoy cooked fish (which I normally don’t really like unless it’s coated in delicious and terrible-for-me batter…)  My companion thought it was a big disconnect though – the texture was fish, but she was eating it like a hamburger.  She said it was really good, but couldn’t quite get over the disconnect. *sighs*

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