Two things I dislike = awesome together

24 Apr

You know your girlfriend’s boyfriend – the one you can’t stand?  He’s always making sarcastic comments and thinks he’s so amusing?  And tequila, ick… it tastes disgusting.  BUT… team your girlfriend’s boyfriend with some tequila and it’s a fantastic night, right?

Ok.. so this is the culinary equivalent. ;D

I don’t like brie.  I think it tastes bitter.  For all my love of cheese, there really aren’t a lot of cheeses I really like.  I also don’t like garlic.  Call it my inner vampire, but I generally avoid dishes that feature garlic as a major factor (with the exception of hummus.. that’s another weird one – I don’t like chickpeas, but I love hummus…).  So, brie- ick, garlic- ick, BUT brie+garlic=YUM.

I had this dish when I was down in New Orleans a few years back; baked brie with roasted garlic, apple chutney with mint, french bread and grapes.  Delicious.  This time I couldn’t find any apple chutney (and didn’t want to make it) so I picked up some mango chutney instead, used light brie, and rubbed the garlic with some olive oil and rosemary before roasting it.

So good together!

It’s insanely hands-on to eat (no sharing this dish with a sick friend…although the garlic could do them some good!) and a little messy with all that runny melt-y gooey cheese… but sooo good.

I only used a small round of brie, but it was almost too much.  I wish I had picked up some French bread as well, but instead I had some multigrain crackers to use.  It worked, but I think some toasted French bread rounds would have been even better.


Roasted garlic: Remove the papery outer skin (don’t peel the garlic or seperate the cloves).  Cut the top off the bulb.  Drizzle tiny bit of olive oil, and rub around garlic, sprinkle with rosemary.  Wrap in aluminum foil, and bake for 30 minutes in a pre-heated 425 degree oven.  It comes out soft and aromatic.  (aka, smelly.)

(adapted from Taste of Home cooking)

Baked Brie: Place round of Brie cheese on aluminum foil in a pie plate (making the aluminum into a little bowl to catch any runny cheese goodness) without cutting the edible white rind.  Bake in a 350 degree pre-heated oven for 10 minutes; the center will feel soft when pushed. (I actually just put it in with the garlic so it was actually at 425 for 10 minutes…) Serve warm – when you cut into it the gooey cheese will spill out of the casing, so be ready! (Hence the foil “bowl”.  It’s not pretty, but it saves scrubbing a dish if you’re feeling lazy!)

(time and temperature adapted from Baked Brie Recipes)

(n.b. my girlfriend’s boyfriend is completely fictional… I love all of the significant-others of all of my friends.  Yep, All of them.  Even the ones who make endless Monty Python jokes. Sure.)

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