Sushi: Dragon Wall Express on Maui

20 Mar

Dragon Wall Express' menu

Well, as part of my vacation to Maui I was on the hunt for sushi, and when we got to Whaler’s Village (an open-air shopping complex near our hotel) we headed to the food court area where I found Dragon Wall Express – which had hot Chinese food along with fresh-made (not pre-packaged) sushi and sashimi.  While my mum got a sub sandwich, I waited for my sushi to be made – and thanks to really slow sandwich artists, my sushi was actually done first!

As with most fast-food style sushi offerings, I didn’t have very high expectations.  (I actually would have loved to go back to Genki Sushi frankly, but that would have been too far out of the way…) My low expectations were met – but not exceeded I’m afraid.

Rainbow and Cream Cheese/Philly Roll

At least it photographed (with my iPhone) nicely!

I got a Rainbow Roll (at the top) and a Philadelphia roll.  The rolls were both made well-enough – they didn’t fall apart too much, but there was WAY too much cream cheese in the Philadelphia roll – it overwhelmed the rest of the flavours, and they also included something else.. I don’t know what it is – but it reminded me of lettuce… in both of the rolls which I found really off-putting.  The lettuce took up about 50% of the filling in both rolls which certainly made it a larger roll, but not a better-tasting roll.  I just found it odd, and the fish/avocado flavours which should have been prominent in both rolls just seemed lackluster.

So, I don’t recommend Dragon Wall Express – If I were to go back to the same area, I’d likely hop on the shuttle down to the Cannery Mall and walk across the street and go back to Genki Sushi instead of walking over to Whaler’s Village.

Dragon Wall Express
in the lower level of Whaler’s Village
2435 Ka’anapali Pkwy, Bldg H-6,
Lahaina, Maui, HI 96761 USA

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