Misato Sushi

18 Mar

Hello to all the sushi lovers out there! Yes, I know, it is Connie, & I am finally posting on this blog. Hope you find my sushi insights useful, on your next sushi adventure!
Well, what turned out to be a beautiful Sunday, weather-wise; turned out even better! A few weeks ago, Dawn & I had wanted to go snowshoeing/hiking in Kananaskis. However, that didn’t quite happen, as there was a cougar on the loose. Therefore, we decided upon some inner-city walking instead. After almost two hours of walking in Bowness Park, we had worked up quite an appetite. And of course, we decided on sushi for dinner. After some quick research on our phones, we found Misato Sushi, which is located up in the Westhills area. Of course, they wouldn’t be open for dinner until 5pm. So we drove up anyways, & discovered their doors were open. We poked our heads in, & was seated immediately, which was nice, as it was only 4/45pm. Although, our waitress did ask for us to give them a few minutes, as they technically was not open yet! This worked out anyways. Gave us the opportunity to review their menu & such.

We promptly decided on the Tuna & Salmon Sashimi, as the appetizer. Normally, we would have gone with the gyozas, but it wasn’t in our moods today. Every single time we order this dish, there is always the decision, of whether the tuna or salmon tastes better. In this case, the tuna was better! Yummy!!

Next, we decided to split a couple of rolls. First one was the Rocky Roll. It was delicious! Smoked tuna, yes, you read correctly, was on the outside of the roll, along with more tuna & advoado. There was also chopped green onion, rolled with the tuna. Which worked for Dawn, as she is not a huge fan of those. Too bad, because I love them. I did get a taste in one bite though.

The second roll was called the Mantanga Roll. Inside was filled with both advocado and Japanese mushroom. The flavour was delightful! We couldn’t figure out, whether the mushrooms were marinated beforehand or not. Nonetheless, I would definitely order that one again. Another side note, the mushrooms reminded me of Chinese ones, I’ve tasted before.

Next up, we ordered a few pieces of our favorites. Dawn, of course ordered the Ikura and Special Scallop. As soon as they arrived at our table, I was impressed, by how full the battleships were!

As I hope to post more often, you will find that Saba, which is the Mackeral, is indeed my favorite. So I ordered that, and an old-time ‘dessert-like’ sushi, which is the Tamago. The Saba was okay, not as flavourful and juicy, the way I like it. Colours on the skin was beautiful though. I think it had something to do with the way it was sliced/prepared. The Tamago, on the otherhand, was good. Came cut very thick, but very nice & fluffy. Only thing was, it was slightly too sweet for me. Still not bad at all though!

The service was pretty good. For example, we never had an empty glass, when it came to H2O. Our waitress also checked on us periodically. And of course, a couple times while my mouth was full. I swear, they’re trained to do that, just so you can’t respond with a not-so-nice comment, lol!
When the bill arrived, we clearly saw it cost more than what we normally pay for. Well, we actually had already noticed, while looking at the menu. For example, my Saba costs $3.25 today, whereas I usually pay around $2.75. Not a huge difference, but still! Total bill came to approximately $70.00. With pretty much the same amount of sushi, we order each time, it was about $20.00 more. Regardless, of the costs, we quite enjoyed our meal. And I would like to think, I’d visit Misato again, if I am in the area. This was actually my second time, & I remember enjoying it the first time around as well!

To make a long story short, no pun intended for Dawn, lol…if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, check this place out!

Thanks to all, for reading my long awaited first post (:

Misato Sushi
1851 Sirocco Drive, SW
Calgary, Alberta
(403) 217-3000


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