Sushi: Marra’s Way in Canmore

27 Feb

Not long ago Connie and I took an impromptu trip out to Kananaskis and Canmore, and while we were there, we popped into Marra’s Way Sushi for lunch.  (Which had been closed when we had been in Canmore a few weeks earlier.)

The Menu at Marra's Way Sushi

We didn’t realize when we got to Marra’s Way Sushi that it was basically a fast-food/low service kind of place.  I suppose we might have noticed if we had paid more attention, but we were just looking for chairs (most of the seating is stools) and we must have been distracted…

The menus were delivered, along with our water, though it took a very long time to catch the eye of the server to let her know we wanted to place an order.

I guess we could have just gone up and taken what we wanted directly, but we didn’t know that until we were leaving!

Spicy Tuna roll

One of our first selections was to split a Spicy Tuna Roll.  I thought it was ok, not too much spicy sauce, but not really very memorable – and the roll wasn’t tight – so it kind of fell apart a little bit.  😦


We always like to try the Gyoza, and when together it’s nice to split an order so we don’t have to have a whole plate of something terrible to ourselves…  In this case, we should have skipped the gyoza entirely.  The flavor was… ok, but the dough was TERRIBLE.  It was thick and chewy, and still tasted a bit of the oil it was cooked in.  There was very little filling compared to how much dough there was. Not recommended.

Special scallop

Next up – one of my favorites, the special scallop. (They call it the Creamy Scallop)  Why this came with spicy sauce, I have no idea.  I know from experience that I do NOT like spicy sauce on my special scallops, so I tried to get most of it off – but it was a bit too late and I didn’t care for these at all.  They rolls were also a bit sloppy put together… Strike three.

"B-Peppar" Tuna

On the positive, there were a few pieces of sushi that sounded good that we hadn’t tried before. First up was the “B-Peppar” Tuna, which we agreed to split.  I took off the onions of course, while Connie ate hers.  The peppered tuna was good, but nothing really remarkable.  I think I’d try it again, but it wouldn’t be the first thing I’d order.

In the back you can see one of Connie’s favorites, the Saba (Mackerel).

Ahi Poke

Next on the ‘new to us’ list – was Ahi Poke – chopped tuna with sesme seeds and sesame oil/chili oil/not sure.  I’d enjoyed Ahi Poke (non-sushi style!) while in Maui recently,, so we split an order of this too, and I’m afraid that I was unimpressed here too.  Like the B-Peppar Tuna it was fine, but nothing special.  It wasn’t really what I had expected either from my Maui experience…

What I trimmed out of the photo was the Tuna that Connie also ordered for herself.


Ok, next up – another favorite of mine, Ikura (salmon roe) this was pretty unimpressive too.  Although it’s presented a lot more nicely (likely because of the higher price) Connie noted quickly that they hadn’t even filled the battle-ships to the top of the nori (seaweed) like most sushi places do.  It seemed a little cheap.  However, the rolls were well formed, and the roe was good – not as bright and “pop in my mouth” fresh as I have had elsewhere – but also not cloudy and icky like I’ve also experienced elsewhere….


The interior of Marra’s Way Sushi is very plain and unassuming.  It reminded me of a place where they’ve recently taken over someone else’s lease, or where it’s a start-up business in the first year or two of operation, without a big budget to decorate.  This isn’t a problem mind you, but a sharp contrast to the other Canmore sushi place we went earlier (Chef’s Studio Japan).  It’s a fine lunchtime quick bite; not a fine dining experience.

The table...

It was only as we were leaving that we saw the table of ready-to-eat sushi.  Likely this is where a lot of our sushi had come from (rather than being made fresh) which explains why some of our rolls seemed to be falling apart.  However, each of the dishes was covered, and some of it did look tasty!



Here’s a quick shot of the exterior of Marra’s Way Sushi.  The door on the corner is not the entrance… the next door over is not the entrance either… it’s the third door (haha, with the “open” sign) that you wanna head for!  Perhaps they had been open all along when we went there last time, and it was only going to the wrong door that mixed us up!


So… our experience at Marra’s Way sushi wasn’t great.  The food was generally lackluster, the service was sparse at best, and the atmosphere was more food court than fine dining.  However… the price was good.  Here’s our bill to give you an idea – about half of what we’d likely pay at some of our regular sushi places.  So, the final conclusion – I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat here, but if I was really hungry and wasn’t feeling too fussy, it might be a place worth going to instead of A&W or other fast-food joints.  I’d just only stick around if the chairs were free. (I hate sitting on stools….)

So, if you’ve been to Marra’s Way Sushi, let us know your thoughts below!  Was I too tough? Just right? Too easy?  If you want some other thoughts, check out Elsie Hui’s blog post about Marra’s Way Sushi, or Jen’s very positive post on the Calgary Foodies website.

Marra’s Way Sushi 
637 10 St
Canmore, AB
(403) 609-0479
Marra's Way Sushi Ltd. on Urbanspoon


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4 responses to “Sushi: Marra’s Way in Canmore

  1. Shanna Cremers

    December 16, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    We love going to Marra’s way, not for the unforgettable quality and atmosphere, we like it because we can take our 1 yr old, and be in and out within half an hour, spending less than $40. If we want a nice night out of amazing sushi, we head to Chef Studio.

  2. Sushi lover

    February 15, 2013 at 5:16 pm

    My boyfriend and I went to Marra’s way for Valentines dinner last night. I had heard good things about this place but was very unimpressed with the whole experience. The prices were cheap but you get what you pay for! And in this case, my bf and I were both up all night with stomach pains and diarrhea!! I had to work today and suffered from awful stomach pains! Food poisoning!!! This is a first for me at a sushi place and I eat Sushi often! We ate lots of eel, shrimp, roe, chicken, and other various rolls. They were portioned small and falling apart an all but one had little to no taste. Very bland. Chef’s Studio Japan (the other Sushi place in Canmore) is waaaaaayyyy better! More authentic and lots of flavor. Prices are fair and the restaurant and food presentation is much more desireable. I called Marra’s Way today to report the sickness, and they simply just said “ok, thanks for your call”. Terrible! Would not eat here again.

    • Dawn

      February 24, 2013 at 12:11 am

      That is a terrible experience indeed! We did check out Chef’s Studio on another trip, and didn’t really care for it either – but we do love our sushi…we’ve been back to Marra’s Way since, and had a better experience than we did back last February – when we knew better what to expect. Sorry you had such a horrible Valentine’s dinner!


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