17 Feb

This post really does belong on both of my blogs… Dawn’s Dress Diary, and Happy Sushi Belly!

Dawn's Dress Diary

For Xmas this year I gave away little tins of tea to my friends as gifts.  The teas I love the most and wanted to share with them, the teas that I didn’t love, but thought they would based on their preferences, etc…

I thought I’d share a quick photo now that that the holidays are over (no surprise spoiling!) of what I did…

I started with these small (2.5″ approx) tins with clear lids.  Now, usually you wouldn’t actually want clear lids for tea, because sunlight can have a negative effect, however with small sample sizes I think it’s ok.  Hopefully they’ll be enjoyed quickly! Plus, with the clear lids, you can see how pretty some of the teas are!

I filled these with a selection of teas.  One friend really likes green teas, so the ones I gave her were mostly greens and oolongs…  another friend prefers rooibos…

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