Sushi: Sushi Ichiban

16 Feb

Since I’ve written about Sushi Ichiban in the South West at least once before, there’s not probably much more to say – frankly, my experience a few nights ago (for my birthday dinner) was much the same as previous nights.

Gyoza from Sushi Ichiban

Pros:Close to home (for me), fairly good variety of food other than sushi (for my non-sushi-loving friends), pretty good parking, lots of seating

Cons: freezing cold, being seated next to the cart of dirty dishes (ew!), non-communicative staff, expensive (60$ for the two of us), no AYCE unlike their Macleod Trail location, being seated next to two screaming children (not the restaurant’s fault really…)

The gyoza we started with was better than last time – the shell was less thick than last time and better prepared, and the filling wasn’t quite as onion-filled as last time, but still I wasn’t thrilled with them.

Sashimi and sushi from Sushi Ichiban

The Salmon & Tuna Don bowl I had last time is no longer on the menu, so instead I ordered a serving of Salmon and Tuna sashimi which was $10.xx and was three small pieces of salmon cut in half to make 6 very small pieces (about an inch square), and 3 already very small pieces of tuna. The salmon was ok, but nothing special, while the tuna was quite good in flavour and texture. I only wish there had been more of it!

Sushi and sashimi from Sushi Ichiban

I also had my favourites – the Ikura battleship and the Special Scallop. The Ikura was dry and sticky, lacking much flavour, while the scallop appeared to be shredded and I wondered what else they had put in with it – since again it was lacking flavour. The pieces were reasonably sized – not generous, but not tiny either.

Chicken from Sushi Ichiban

My companion had the Teriyake Chicken, which came with a bowl of salad (I had to fetch her a fork though!) a bowl of miso soup (I guess you don’t have a choice of soup like at many places, but she really liked the miso!) a bowl of rice, two slices of cucumber and an orange slice. She said that the chicken was good, but that she tired of the flavour about ¾ of the way through the dish.

Sushi Ichiban
1002 37 Street Southwest,
(403) 217-9999

Sushi Ichiban on Urbanspoon

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