Sushi: Miki in Banff

04 Feb

When Connie and I first discovered Miki, it was immediately a fast-favorite.  With a really excellent and diverse all-you-can-eat menu and really helpful and attentive staff, it was easy to love them.

However, I’m going to push Sushi House Banff to the top of my list after a few annoying experiences.

First off, Miki isn’t open for lunch.  Second, even though it’s a reasonably sized restaurant, they were not able to serve us when we got there for dinner, and instead we had to make a reservation for an hour later.  The parking there is TERRIBLE, so after finding a good spot, we were annoyed to have to leave and come back.  (Though we ended up parking at our hotel and walking over to avoid the parking issue.) Still, the food is good, and if you love trying new things (without the risk of a big order) they’re a great place to check out.

Japanese Restaurant Miki is located on the second floor (above a little family restaurant/bar that we have tried once and wouldn’t recommend) in the Inns of Banff Hotel at the end of the strip as you head out of Banff.  What makes the parking terrible is that there is next to no parking in front of the building, and instead you have to park on an incredibly steep hill, outside of hotel rooms.  In the summer it’s funny when you can’t open your driver side door or close your passenger side door because of the serious incline, but in the winter it’s a hazard without enough salt/gravel/lighting/walkways/railings.

Ok.. negativity aside – park at your hotel if you’re close, and just walk over.

The all-you-can-eat menu is fantastic, and doing the math, really worth it unless you only want a few small things.  There is a hot menu with lots of choices (of course we settled on the gyoza), a sushi menu with nigiri-style sushi, rolls, and hand rolls, and a tempura menu with single-piece servings of yam, broccoli, scallop, shrimp, and a whole list of other things they’ll batter and fry for you…and they also offer ice cream (chocolate, strawberry or vanilla) with the all-you-can-eat meal (which is 25$ per person).

Ok.. so the food itself

Gyoza from Miki


The gyoza was actually really good – it came on a plate of 4 pieces which was just enough for us each to have two, and still leave room for lots of sushi.  The batter was maybe a little thick, and the filling a little less seasoned than what I’d really love, but it was still really good.

Other things on the hot menu include edamame, salmon teriyaki, Udon soup, miso soup, steamed rice, deep fried tofu, potato croquettes ,and chicken wings.

Our first plate of sushi from Miki

First plate

We split the Spicy Tuna Roll – which was small, with a nice drizzle of spicy mayo.  It was good without being too spicy or overwhelming. I had a scallop, a tuna and a salmon along with a flying fish roe, while Connie had a salmon, scallop, tuna, mackerel and omelet on this first order.

Yam and prawn tempura from Miki


We also ordered two selections of tempura – the first one was yam (for me!) and prawn (for Connie) while the second was scallop (for me) and another for Connie (which I can’t remember…)  Getting the tempura in only small pieces was perfect – no time for them to cool off (and start feeling heavy and greasy) before eating.

Our second sushi plate from Miki

Second plate

We shared a pickle roll, each had a hand cone, and I had a salmon salad two tunas, and a bean pouch.  The hand cone was really good, with a tiny bit of cream cheese in the Philadelphia roll.  The pickle roll was good, but the salmon salad had onion in it which I didn’t like and the bean pouch was just boring and too chewy.  I have tried it before and didn’t really care for it, but I figured it was worth trying again…  Connie had some tuna, octopus, a hand roll, and tried the bonito – which she found really dry and wouldn’t try again.

Sorry for the really blurry photo!

Have you been to Miki? What did you think? Got any tips on the parking situation?

Japanese Restaurant Miki
at the Inns of Banff Hotel
600 Banff Avenue
PO Box 1077
Banff, AB T1L 1H8
Phone: (403) 762-0600
Fax: (403) 762-4482

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