Potty Tea Drinkers Pour in Fear

02 Feb

Beautiful blooming tea

Ok… that’s not the real headline, the headline actually is “Potty tea drinkers launch Save Our Cuppa campaign” but either way it’s a pretty funny headline. Ok, now that we get past the British versus Canadian slang, what the story is REALLY about is the declining use of teapots to make tea (versus dunking a bagged tea in a mug and calling it a day).

The Campaign for Civilized Tea Drinking (yeah, apparently that’s a thing…) thinks that the best way to drink tea is when the loose leaves are steeped in a tea pot, and then strained as they are poured into teacups.  No paper filters, no bags, no mugs… but rather a pre-heated tea pot, boiled water, milk and sugar.

How did I find out about this?  From Twinings Tea UK and the #SaveTheTeapot campaign on twitter…   The Sun also did an article on the topic, claiming that the method is central to British culture.  (Yep.  pots from Portugal, tea from India, lemons from southern Asia, sugar from India… utterly British. ahaha  Least the milk would be local!)

While I’m a fan of loose leaf myself (generally it has way more flavour!) I’m thinking that this campaign has more to do with teapot makers loosing a part of their industry rather than tea drinkers getting upset about how other people drink their tea.  As long as you can still get loose leaf tea (and guessing by the number of loose leaf tea shops that have popped up in the last while, I’m guessing the chances are good) then does it really matter?

With that in mind though, I do realize that I don’t really own a NICE, useable teapot!  I have one very small glass teapot for my flowering teas (no, not the one pictured above) and a very boring old china teapot that we have for normal use… (though it doesn’t actually get used all that much, since instead I usually just make tea for myself and use a strainer... ).

On the other hand, I definitely prefer a mug to a teacup… maybe just because I keep thinking I’ll spill my tea when I drink out of those tiny-handle, huge mouthed cups!

As much as I have my OWN preferred ways…. it kind of just makes me chuckle that anyone could really get all that upset because their favorite restaurant is going the easy route and offering bagged teas instead of loose leaf in pots.  (What about solo drinkers who only want one cup?)

Though, it does remind me of a funny story…

My great-grandmother was flying over from Cardiff, Wales to Calgary a while back (I’m guessing 15 years….) and on the plane they offered her a cup of tea, which of course she accepted.  When they brought her the tiny tea pot (you know, the one-and-a-half cup sizes) and the bag of tea, she had very little idea what the little pouch was for.  She proceeded to open the paper wrapper, and realized that was her tea.  First wrapped in paper, and then wrapped in some little bag.  She ripped open the bag, poured the (now loose) tea into the tea pot, and while it steeped, wondered where the strainer was.  Apparently she had never seen a tea bag before!

Needless to say she wasn’t impressed that they hadn’t given her a strainer, and kept spitting out the tea leaves as she drank her tea.  Haha!

I thought you might get a chuckle out of this… so weigh in in the comments below – traditional teapot? French press? Bagged tea? Strainers? Which works better… for you?

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