Sushi: Globefish Marda Loop

14 Jan

After the disappointing miss a few days previous TRYING to go to Globefish (Kensington) for sushi, I was happy to head there (the Marda Loop location though) a few days ago with a different friend for a catch-up dinner.

When trying to pick where to go, I suggested either Sushi Ren (which I haven’t been to yet) to try something new, or Globefish which is consistently good – and my companion picked Globefish, so off we went.

Once again, I really wish that more sushi places had websites with their hours, because although UrbanSpoon listed them being open for lunch and dinner on a Monday, we go there at 4:30pm to find out we had to wait another half hour for them to open.  At least they were open!

(note: they DO have a website, but in my google search, I didn’t find it quickly on my phone…)

Service: I’ve always had good service at Globefish, so I found the hostess who was chatting with friends who came in after us (instead of seating us) kind of inconsiderate, but she did apologize and seated us quickly after that, while also seating her friends in the “new booths”.  (I guess they’ve done some redecorating?)

I popped to the rest room right away, and my companion said that no one had been around yet to take our order (or even water/tea) which I found surprising, however shortly after I sat down our server did come over.  Just water for me!

Our order: We ordered an order of gyoza to start, while he also ordered sashimi and a beef yakisoba, and I ordered two rolls. The yakisoba came first, followed quickly by the gyoza.  His sashimi followed along with my special scallop roll and finally my Mt. Fuji roll.


Gyoza: First off it comes in a plate of 5.  Urg.  It’s hard to split an uneven order… The pieces were stuck together, and very small compared to what I’ve had elsewhere recently.  The flavor was fine, but nothing special, and they fell apart very easily.  I don’t think I’d order them again here (if I remember!). We each had our two to begin the meal (so they wouldn’t get cold) but the last one lingered, and by the time I snagged the last one, it was cold, and not very tasty at all.  Overall impression: ok, but it won’t make it to my ‘best gyoza list’…

Scallop roll

Special scallop roll: Normally I don’t order this in a roll, but rather in battleship-style sushi pieces.  Unfortunately they include cucumber in their roll.  It’s … fine.  I just really like the texture and flavour of the scallop, mayo, and tobiko… and the crispness and flavour of the cucumber is fine, but it’s just not what I’m after.  Tawa also puts cucumber in their special scallop, and I just usually pick it out to enjoy my sushi the way I want it.  Since this isn’t one of their special rolls, it’s not displayed all pretty like the others, but it also isn’t loaded down with sauce either – something I find most of their rolls suffer from have.

Mt. Fuji Roll

Mt. Fuji Roll: I’ve had this one a few times and really enjoy it.  This is avocado, salmon and masago wrapped with smoked salmon and more avocado.  It’s drizzled with Japanese mayo and garnished with tobiko.  This time around it was good, but I found the taste of the smoked salmon a bit overwhelming for the rest of the roll, so ended up picking it off and enjoying it separately.

Mt. Fuji roll close up

Decor: Globefish in Marda Loop is very different from the Kensington or Chinook locations.  I’d call the Chinook location the most ‘upscale’ in terms of decor; kind of like an Earls.  The Kensington one feels more like a family dining place, while the Marda Loop location feels more like a family-without-kids restaurant.  It’s a bit dark which I find frustrating sometimes; it’s fine for now, but heaven help anyone who forgets his or her glasses!  (Or anyone trying to take clear photos without a flash….) They’ve recently redecorated, but they really should have considered spending the money in the restrooms as well – although they’re nicely decorated, they are miniscule, with no accessible stall.  Like Tawa or their previous Kensington locations, the seating is very tight – expect to overhear the details of every one of your neighbor’s conversations, and know that they’ll hear yours too.

Overall impression: Although I can’t give my experience a rave review, I’ll also say that Globefish is consistently good.  Not consistently GREAT – but good.  I think that I’ll come back when I’m with my “I don’t like raw fish or nori” friend, since they have a number of rice-paper rolls and cooked items.  They have very creative and unusual rolls, however most of them feature fried items, and are loaded down with sauce.  I’ve heard complaints that all the rolls start to taste alike because they use the same sauce so frequently.  Still, there are a lot of items on the menu, which is nice for variety.

Vincci has some thoughts on Globefish in Calgary Is Awesome, and Scrumptiously Fit Food is a huge fan, while Will Will Eat’s love of Globefish is waning.  (Keep in mind, they were all reviewing different locations…)  What about you?  Do you have the Globefish love?  Which location do you prefer, and why?  Let us know in the comments below!

Globefish Sushi and Izakaya (Marda Loop)
#1 2009 33 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 249-8866

Globefish Sushi and Izakaya (Marda Loop) on Urbanspoon


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