Tea: Pomegranate Green Tea

05 Jan

A while back I mentioned winning the Teaopia Personal Tea Gift Set, and one of the two teas included was their Pomegranate Green Tea. I had actually been looking for Pom Power a month or so ago (A David’s Tea with pomegranate seeds and white tea) but it was sold out – so I was looking forward to trying this tea instead.

Pomegranate Green Tea has sencha green tea, cranberries and pomegranate flowers.  They recommend the tea either hot or iced, and suggest it’s good for tea lovers who love fruity teas.

Pomegranate Green tea from Teaopia

Those of you who have read my other reviews of green teas know that I’m not normally a huge fan of green teas.  I find them a little bit bitter and a bit too ‘earthy’ for my taste most of the time.  I’m finding more and more oolongs that suit my taste, but there aren’t too many greens that really appeal to me.  I’m afraid that Pomegranate Green Tea isn’t one of the exceptions – I don’t actually care for it as much as I had hoped that I would.

The tea smells very fruity and rich when it’s dry – but unfortunately that scent doesn’t’ follow through to taste when it’s steeped.  The flavour of the sencha really overwhelms all of the other flavours, and the rare cranberry (really rare, I saw one…) doesn’t have enough flavour to compensate. The pomegranate flowers are visible throughout the tea, but they must not have any actual pomegranate flavour – and are possibly in the tea only for colour.

I was lucky to avoid the bitterness (since I only briefly steeped the leaves) but it still was too “green” for my particular taste.  I did add some sweetener on the second infusion, but this didn’t do a lot to get the fruit taste back.  I also noted that in the pre-packaged tins included in the gift set, that the leaves were very small/broken – possibly due to being packaged and then shipped.

Pomegranate Green tea from Teaopia

William on Steepster thinks that this is a “good, but not stellar” tea; something that is fine to drink, but nothing special or exciting.  However, on Have Teacup will Travel, the blogger reviewed a pomegranate green tea from another store, and really enjoyed it.  My guess is that the tea she(?) tried is a very different blend from what I tried from Teaopia.

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