Tea: The Skinny

29 Dec

For Christmas gifts this year, I picked up a few different teas (which I put into cute little tins for little tea samplers) for friends.  In the process, I kept a tiny amount of each for myself as well, including this tea called “The Skinny” from David’s Teas.

Well…. this tea had better be good for me, because it certainly tastes like it should be.  You know, like cough syrup and cauliflower and sweaters your grandmother knits you with fuzzy brown kitties on the front and you’re like grandma I’m in my 20’s what am I going to do with a pink sweater with a brown kitty on it and your mum is like ‘wear the darn sweater kiddo, or you’re not getting the iPhone we got you’… that kind of “good for you”.

(Not using the word “like” several times in one run-on sentence is also good for you, but I digress.)

The Skinny from David's Tea

The ingredients include oolong and pu’erh tea (the aged green tea I talked about in a previous post), ginger, ginseng, & orange peel.  Oolong =good.  Pu’erh= good. Ginger = very good. Orange = good.  Perhaps it’s the ginseng (which I can’t say I can remember tasting) that I don’t like? There is a slight orange scent when dry, which is one of the selling points when I picked it up – and steeped up there is still that orange scent, but the taste doesn’t follow through. I don’t taste any ginger, nor do I taste any green tea in this.

The tea steeps up FAST – I left mine in for about 4 minutes (of the 4-7 recommended) because I knew how fast the pu’reh would steep up, and the colour was DARK and the flavour intense.  I added sweetener – no luck.  I’m considering trying another infusion for much less time to see if a weaker tea is a better tea, but I might just grab something else I’ve got kicking around instead. Another thing that is kind of weird.. I’m getting a bit of a coffee buzz off the tea (I presume.  I haven’t had anything else to eat/drink that would explain it.) which is strange, because it shouldn’t be exceptionally high in caffeine.  The Skinny is supposed to be good to sip after a big meal, and I can imagine it would be good if someone had an upset stomach too. I sure hope that the person I gave it to likes it more than I did!

Keep in mind with my review  that I do have a preference for sweet, fruity, or mint teas.  The blogger at FieldGuided loves The Skinny to sip all day, and although she also loves dessert teas, we clearly don’t share the same taste on this one.  Your mileage may vary – but if you’re curious I suggest getting a drink of The Skinny at a retail David’s Teas before investing ($18/100g) in loose leaf.

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