Sushi: MomoYama

08 Nov

One of my favorite places to go for sushi has long been MomoYama, in the Glamorgan shopping plaza in SW Calgary.  It is a tiny little place, with active to-go customers (largely because getting seating is difficult!) and reasonably prompt service.

Tasty special scallop

Usually while I’m there I just get my favorite pieces.  They do my favorites very well, with nicely sized portions.  When I first discovered the restaurant (with a friend who I now haven’t seen in years) I joked that it was a good place to spend a lot more money than we intended, because everything was just so good.

This visit I got my two top favorites (Ikura and special scallop) but since I was quite hungry, I decided to try their Salmon Don as well – a bowl of rice topped with sashimi-grade salmon.


I was actually somewhat disappointed by the Salmon Don.  The salmon wasn’t cut as well as I would have liked – while the pieces were nice and thick; full of flavor, they were also sinew-y and tough to eat delicately.  The rice that I really like in the battleship-style sushi pieces from them was too sticky in the bowl.  Although I really like bowls like this, I wasn’t especially happy with this dish from MomoYama.

Instead, I’ll stick to the nigiri and battleship-style sushi that I love from MomoYama instead!

As usual, the Ikura burst with little bubbles of fresh salty goodness, and the special scallop was flavorful and tender.  Fantastic!  Although I wasn’t impressed by the rice in the Don bowl, in the battleship-style sushi I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it.

Salmon don

My companion (who wasn’t in the mood for sushi) had the Chicken Katsu instead. It’s breaded chicken, and comes with rice, miso soup and a side salad.  It looked ok, and she said it was good, but perhaps too much of the same flavour to enjoy on her own. We’d likely recommend splitting it.

Chicken Katsu

If you’re going to visit MomoYama, you should know that they aren’t open Mondays. This has frustrated me on more than one occasion when I have forgotten and show up to be disappointed.  The restaurant is also very small – there are a few booths and a few tables, and a rarely-used counter, with good seating for 1-4 people, but larger groups might find it difficult.  They also recommend reservations.  I occasionally have made them, and have only ever turned away because of a long wait because I didn`t make one, but it`s a good idea.  On a similar note, they do a really good job of take-out, which is a good solution if you have a larger group or don`t want to feel cramped in the restaurant; however since they only have so many staff, I`ve also faced disappointment when placing a take-out order over the phone or just stopping in around dinnertime – to hear that the wait just for take out was much longer than I was willing.  With these problems, a visit to MomoYama is still worth it – just be prepared!

As many sushi places I’ve visited, they don’t have a website – but the Urbanspoon websitehas some photos of their menus loaded. When you’re there, grab one of the take-out menus (it’s the same menu) for future reference (if you live/work/travel close enough to make pick-up reasonable).  Food=Life also has a review of MomoYama if you are interested in reading another blogger’s review.

If you’ve been to MomoYama, let us know what you thought of it in the comments below!

Momoyama Sushi
3919 Richmond Rd SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 233-0995

Momo-Yama Sushi Japanese Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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