Tea – Blue Mango

02 Nov

Tea. Photo by Modomatic

Unlike Connie, I’m not a huge fan of green teas.  I generally find them a bit bitter; I usually prefer sweet, spicy, or creamy teas.  One of the exceptions is Blue Mango, which I picked up from the Banff Tea Company.  This tea is made from luxury Sencha green tea leaves, and has pieces of dried pineapple and little blue mallow blossoms.

The scent first of all is absolutely delicious  – it almost smells like a tropical fruity candy when dry, and when steeped the mellow green tea scent mingles really nicely with the overall bouquet to create something that smells fruity and flowery, without smelling overly sweet.  The flavor is similar – there’s a bit of a ‘dry mouth’ green tea taste, but it’s not overwhelming.  The fruit flavor mellows as well, but blends nicely with the tea, and there’s an overall floral flavor, more so than a mango or pineapple/fruit flavor.

This isn’t ever going to be my every-day tea, but if you aren’t a huge green tea fan (and have someone in your life who is) I’d suggest picking up a small amount and giving it a try.  While I don’t think that it would convert a green-tea-hater to the army of green tea lovers, I think it’s worth trying out.

Not in Alberta and want to try out this tea?  T|Nik also carries this same tea (though I haven’t purchased it through them) in their adorable little tins, and I also found it at Culinary Teas  and the Tropical Tea Company online (whom I also have never purchased it through).

With the fruity/floral flavors, I wonder how this would be as an iced tea?   The Culinary Tea website, and the Culinary Teas Blog suggests that it’s really good iced – I might just have to give it a try one of these days! If you’ve tried making iced tea from Blue Mango or a similar fruity green tea, let me know if it was successful or not in the comments below!

Want another reviewer’s opinion?  Vanessa over at said that this tea is much more flowery than mango flavored, and thinks that if you’re looking for a strongly flavored mango tea, this one might not be for you – but that it’s still a good tea.


(Sorry, no photos for this post… I kept forgetting to photograph it – and then finished off the last of the tea!)

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