Tea: Turtle Tea

23 Oct

I just finished off a package of Turtle Tea, and thought that I should blog about it while it’s still on my mind.  This is another tea from the Banff Tea Company; a black tea with almond slices, butterscotch & chocolate chips (white and milk), and sunflower & calendula petals.

Turtle Tea

I would likely put this tea in the same kind of category as White Chocolate Mousse and Jazz Cats Meow; a black tea with chocolate flavors.  This one has both white and milk chocolate chips, plus almond slivers with the black tea, so with a bit of sugar and milk it’s sweet, warming, and satisfying.  It’s a very nice dessert or after-dinner tea, though I have enjoyed it more in the mornings to make Mondays a lot more pleasant.

Turtle tea (before dressing)

However, although it’s similar to two of my favorite black teas, it’s not quite the same, and not quite as good.  White Chcolate Mousse just seems richer somehow, and Jazz Cats Meow has the lovely bergamot in it as well.

While I would recommend Turtle Tea, it’s just not ~quite~ as good as the other two.

I didn’t find any other bloggers who reviewed Turtle Tea from the Banff Tea Co., but I did find a review on the SororiTea Sisters – who tried a caramel chocolate turtle tea from Culinary Teas.  They gave it a choco-holic’s thumbs-up!  Have you tried it?  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below!

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