Sushi: Edo of Japan

14 Oct

Food courts always fill me with mixed emotions – while I like having the chance to have a wide selection of food choices while going out with groups of people, the choices never really seem, well… good.  I rarely get burgers, I’m rarely interested in noodles or pizza, so usually I get a sandwich, or, when they have a fast food sushi place, I get that instead.

I first tried Sushi from Edo of Japan in the Shawnessy shopping area – back then they offered a few different flavors, and enjoying it was pretty reliable.  It wasn’t great sushi, but it wasn’t terrible either. I then tried it from a few other vendors in the Edo chain (Westhills, downtown, Mount Royal) and it started to get 50/50.  Sometimes it was alright, and sometimes it was terrible.  They also stopped offering multiple flavors at some point, and stuck only with the tried-and-(you would think)-true, California Roll.

Not too long ago we were at Southcentre, and faced with no other options that even reasonably appealed to me, I went for the Edo Sushi….

I should have waited until I got home to eat.

Sushi from Edo in Southcentre - yes, another iPhone photo

First off, it wasn’t freshly made.  In the past I’ve been happy to wait while they assembled my sushi – adding the pre-cut cucumber to the pre-cooked rice on the mat along with the pre-cut nori (seaweed) and then the (pre-)prepared crab.  I’m willing to sacrifice those 3 minutes out of my fast-food life.  Really.

I’ve even had pre-made sushi (Co-op, Sushi Q) that was ok.  This unfortunately wasn’t.  The problem with pre-made sushi with nori in it is the moisture level of the ingredients and the rice.  Crab meat is a bit moist, cucumber is quite moist (unless you sweat it) and rice is pretty moist too.  Moist + dry seaweed = chewy, rubbery, can’t-really-bite-through-it seaweed if it is left to sit too long.

Plus they put sesame seeds on it.  Ew.

On another Edo note… I was at an event not too long ago where Edo had prepared ‘meat’ sushi – using their teriyaki beef as the filling along with a sliver of cucumber.

Meat sushi from Edo

Ok.. the thought on this was… good?  I presume that they either figured that the people attending the event would be squicked by the thought of ‘raw’ fish (although the crab in a California roll is typically fake cooked crab, not raw to begin with) or perhaps someone on the ordering team has a seafood allergy? Still, gotta say that this was a strange mix, and frankly, not a tasty one.  Luckily, some of the other food at the event was fabulous – so I wasn’t going hungry!

I typically think of chains as being consistent – one of the nice things about them, especially when I travel.  However the quick decline in taste, quality, and variety has taken Edo off my list of places to go, even as a last-resort in a food court.


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  1. Sushi Online

    October 14, 2011 at 10:46 pm

    The variety in sushi arises from the different fillings and toppings, condiments, and their preparation. The same ingredients may be assembled in a traditional or a contemporary way, creating a very different final result


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