Treats: Green Tea Ice Cream

06 Oct

After sushi it’s nice to have some (hard to find) green tea ice cream – but what about when the sushi restaurant doesn’t serve it?  A year or so ago, Connie and I went hunting for it, and found that it’s pretty hard to find in a take-home variety.  (My Favorite Ice Cream Shoppe occasionally has it if you just want a cone.)

So, when I was at my local Japanese/Korean grocery, I saw a container of Green Tea Ice Cream by a company called “Together” and grabbed it to bring home and enjoy.

It’s…. interesting.

The green tea is much less sweet than what I normally have in sushi restaurants, and the ice cream is much less creamy than I’m used to too.  But, stranger still is the addition of red beans.

Green tea ice cream with red beans

I love red bean paste in Asian pastries and treats like Mochi (glutinous rice cakes), but just having the red beans themselves in ice cream – well… it seemed a bit weird to me (and even more so to the person I shared some with!).  I also found that the bean flavor seemed to permeate the ice cream itself, so even when I didn’t get a bean in my spoonful, I could still taste the bean.

Beans just don’t seem to fit too well with ice cream – mind you I’ve also tried avocado ice cream, which seemed weird too!

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Posted by on October 6, 2011 in South-West Calgary, Treats



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