Shibuya Izakaya – Baby Octopus

28 Sep

One on my plate, the rest on the platter

A little bit ago, Connie took me to Shibuya Izakaya, where she had been previously with her sister. I checked it out online before we went, and saw a comment about the baby octopus. Having read about them previously on another foodie blog, I mentally added them to my list of things to try when we visited.

I hadn’t been to Shibuya before, but it was a small place in a little strip mall next to a Bubble Tea place – not the kind of place that would normally catch my eye – but my favorite sushi place is the same, so location can be deceiving!

The octopus is lightly breaded and fried, and served with a chili sauce.  Connie ordered a side of mayonnaise, but I wasn’t entirely sold on the mayonnaise and ended up kind of mixing the two together on my octopus.

My thoughts – they were good (albeit a little creepy to eat!) but really nothing special.  My inner wanna-be-vegetarian was mildly squicked, but I got over that – the taste just wasn’t all that special. They were a bit crisp, a bit chewy, but really other than the novelty, nothing I’d want to order again.

One of the little fellows

What are your thoughts?  Have you tried the baby octopus before?  Is there a better way that they’re prepared that is more tasty?  Let me know in the comments below!

Shibuya Izakaya
Central 16 Ave N
453 16 Ave NE
Calgary, AB T2E
(403) 277-8823

Shibuya Izakaya on Urbanspoon

As before, I’ll apologize for the iPhone photos!

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