Tea: Raspberry Mist

22 Sep

Raspberry Mist is another tea I received as a gift. I’m not sure where my friend got it, which is kind of disappointing.  I did a search for it online, and went to the website of the shop I thought it might have come from, but  no luck!

Raspberry Mist tea

Dry, the tea doesn’t really have much scent – there’s a slight berry scent, but it’s all rather underwhelming.  It’s rather pretty though, with little chunks of dried raspberrry.  Steeped, it smells fruity, and there’s another scent which kind of reminds me of Christmas.  Without being able to look up the ingredients, I would guess that there is mint in this tea as well.

It’s a very pleasant tea – if I had any idea where to get more, I might!

Raspberry Mist tea

In the meantime though, I might try this recipe for Raspberry Mint Tea from $5 Dinners with mint from our garden and raspberries from our freezer (courtesy of our neighbour’s garden).

Have you seen Raspberry Mist tea anywhere?  Fill me in in the comments below!


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3 responses to “Tea: Raspberry Mist

  1. kiyomi

    March 30, 2012 at 8:58 am

    I realize that this is an older post, but Raspberry mist tea is a Banff Tea Co tea. In case you were looking for more.

    • Dawn

      April 2, 2012 at 11:22 am

      Brilliant! Thank you! I don’t think that is where my friend would have picked it up (though I could be entirely wrong!) but it’s cool to know that they have it there as well – I never even looked the last time I was there…. (So many other beautiful teas to bring home instead that distracted me I suppose….)


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