Tea: Ginger Rooibos

11 Sep

Yep, another ginger post!  I love ginger, and I picked up this Ginger Rooibos from the Banff Tea Company not too long ago.

Ginger Rooibos

It’s definitely another nice-to-look-at tea, though not as pretty as some of the others I’ve featured.  Their ingredient listing on the website only lists “rooibos, ginger & natural flavors” which is a bit misleading – you can tell that there are more things in this tea.  Being a rooibos, it tends to escape most of my strainers, so it’s a bit fussy that way too – but the flavor is very nice.

The ginger really pops out when the tea is hot, with the rooibos giving a nice smokey kind of flavor after the spicy ginger.  It’s when it’s cold that it’s even better in my opinion (or perhaps it’s only because I had it on a really hot day when iced tea was MUCH nicer than hot tea!) because the ginger is even more noticeable – sharp and spicy, while the rooibos flavor mellows out a lot more and becomes less noticeable.

Ginger Rooibos

Have you tried ginger rooibos tea?  Wifey woman tried some (not this brand though) and gave it a 5/5 review on her blog.  I like mine when my stomach is a little unhappy, because of the idea that ginger is supposed to help settle your stomach.  I don’t know if it always works, but it sure is tasty!

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