Sushi Hanami revisited

20 Aug

When I go out for sushi, I want sushi, but often enough I’m going out with someone who isn’t in the mood for a just sushi meal, so close by is Sushi Hanami, which I’ve blogged about before.

If you’re not interested in sushi, they offer a fairly substantial bento box, for a very reasonable price.

My companion's bento box

For lunch, the bento box was 11$ (plus tax, tip, etc) which seems like a pretty good price.  It included Chicken, tempura, a few pieces of nigiri sushi, half a roll, plus soup and a salad.  Pretty good, right?

The a la carte menu for sushi

For me though, I stuck with sushi!  I had my favorite special scallop rolls (which weren’t as good as they usually are), tobiko, and a “SST roll” (salmon, scallop, tuna) which I found really disappointing.  They’ve recently changed up their menu, and perhaps this is a new item – but it’s that “huge roll” style of roll that I don’t really care for.  When the chef combines flavors to create something tasty – I want to taste that combination – but with these large rolls I find that I have to pick them apart to eat them.  So, I get a bite of one thing, a bite of something else, and then a bite of something else.  😦

My SST roll

I also like it when something has the ingredients – and lists ALL of the ingredients.  This roll seemed to be half lettuce – which I had not anticipated – and it’s all that I could really taste in this roll.

Flying fish roe and special scallop rolls

Have you tried any of the items on the new menu?  What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below, or read my previous blog post about Sushi Hanami!

Sushi Hanami
4604 37 St SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 242-3131

Pst – sorry for the weird photos – they were taken with my iPhone instead of my camera.

Sushi Hanami on Urbanspoon


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  1. krish

    August 24, 2011 at 6:45 am

    wow i looking is very nice………..


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