Sushi: Tokyo Express

16 Aug

While in Edmonton (back in June!) I was shopping at the West Edmonton Mall, and tried out a food court sushi place called Tokyo Express.  Unlike the fast-food sushi place in Chinook Mall, Sushi-Q, the sushi at Tokyo Express was made when I ordered it.  While this was awesome – it also posed a problem – time.  There were only two people working in the small area, and while my companion waited (holding our hard-to-find table), they made the sushi (along with the other orders that were coming in) to order.  It took a very long time unfortunately.

Rainbow roll from Tokyo Express

Not to say that they should be faster – but the time it took was more suited to sitting at a table in a restaurant, rather than waiting at the counter for something in a styrofoam box.

So – how was it?  Not good.

The inside of the rainbow roll was a little bit of cucumber, a little bit of flying fish roe, and a huge amount of what appeared to be tempura batter.  There wasn’t a tempura prawn or something – it was JUST the fried batter. While it had an interesting crunch, it wasn’t what I was expecting.  The prawn on top of the roll was also a bit chewy – I ended up removing most of it and not eating it.

That being said, the staff were polite and as efficient as they could be consider the small location with only two staff working.

So… if you’ve been to one of the other Tokyo Express locations – did I just have a bad experience?  What do you think about the sushi there?  Let me know in the comments below.

Tokyo Express West Edmonton Mall

Tokyo Express Sushi (WEM - Phase 1) on Urbanspoon

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