Tea gifting

12 Aug

Casablana tea & crabapple flowers

There have been a few teas in the last little while that I have found… ‘eh’.  You know the ones – where the flavor is fine, but it’s just not what I expected, or not what I really like.  There’s a green tea that I find just ~too~ green for my liking, a caramel tea that is just a bit too sweet, and a ginger tea that is a little too spicy for me to really enjoy it.

Of course, I also know a lot of other people who might really love that green, caramel, or ginger tea…

So, do you think it’s cheap/tacky to give away a tea that you don’t really like to someone who might enjoy it, or a good way of keeping your stash enjoyable and enabling the stash-building of someone else?  Do you think you should keep it in the same tin/bag, or re-tin/bag the tea?

There’s a poll up on TeaChoice asking about re-gifting horrid tea-related gifts (I can only imagine hippo-shaped tea pots and boxes of no-name brand Orange Pekoe), which is similar to the question at hand – though I’m thinking of things that would hopefully really be enjoyed by the recipients.

P.S. please don’t ever give me a hippo-shaped tea pot.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Posted by on August 12, 2011 in Tea & Beverages



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