Tea: Rooibos Chocolate Mint

02 Aug

Chocolate Mint Rooibos

I’ve been enjoying a lot of Rooibos teas lately – lots of flavours are out there, and since they have no caffeine, I don’t worry about drinking them late in the day.  One I picked up from my favorite tea shop in Banff is Rooibos Chocolate Mint.  Yep, I love all things chocolate, and this one is no exception.  The scent of the tea dry is amazing – a great blend of tea, chocolate, and mint.  Steeped, the tea definitly has a chocolate scent – without being overwhelmingly “chocolate”.  The flavor, once steeped is similar; the flavors of tea, chocolate, and mint all blend together really well.  I  add a pinch of sweetener, which makes it nicely sweet – but you can totally drink it plain as well.

Yummy chocolate mint tea!

I wasn’t able to find any non-commercial blogs about this tea – so if you’ve given it a try, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Banff Tea Co. on Urbanspoon

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