Tea: Redbush Chai

30 Jul

A while back a friend was heading into Banff, and since I knew I couldn’t make it there as early as I would like to – I asked her to pick up a few of my favorite teas, along with a few for a gift.  While I asked for Rooibos Massala Chai, she instead brought me back Redbush Chai.  (Which I think is listed on the Banff Tea Company website as Rooibos Chai.)

Banff Tea Co's Redbush Chai

The website lists the ingredients as: “Rooibos, cardamom, cinnamon, peppercorns, citrus peel, ginger bits, star anis, cloves” making this a nice and spicy, warm tea.  The spiciness is not too strong though – and served with milk and sugar (as I usually have chai) I find it mellow and warming.  Because it’s a red tea, there is no caffeine, so it’s a great evening tea.  The previous Rooibos Massala Chai I nicknamed my “sweet dreams tea” since it seemed that most of the time when I drank it shortly before bed, I’d end up having interesting and enjoyable dreams.  (Must be all of those spices!)

Redbush Chai with milk and a bit of sweetener

There are lots of other Rooibos Chais out there, but this one is very mellow – more mellow than a few others that I’ve tried – so I bet that if you are new to Chai – that this might be a nice, gentle introduction.  Because it’s so mellow, it also makes it all the nicer as an evening tea, or to go with other flavors (for your meal perhaps).

Just as a clarification – mellow doesn’t mean lacking flavor… the tea is very flavorful, but it’s not ‘spicy’ the way many chais are.

As with most of the teas I drink, I found that this one was nice straight (without anything added) but I like it even better prepared as I usually have chai – with milk and a bit of sugar.  There’s something about chai that just really begs me to use white sugar instead of sweetener too.

Redbush Chai Iced

Since the tea is nicely potent, I steeped up more of it that was left over from my hot tea, poured it into a pitcher and put it in the fridge over night.  With a touch of sugar or without, it’s lovely iced… and maintains the mellow flavor.

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