Tea: Cocomama Lime

26 Jul

More tea goodness from David’s Tea – the tea we tried in-store (iced mind you) and the one we bought a big tin of to bring home was Cocomama Lime.  Check out how beautiful it looks!

Cocomama Lime tea from David's Tea

Subsequently, interestingly enough, I found a coconut oolong at my favorite Banff Tea Company that looked almost exactly the same, but was missing that bite of lime flavor.

Frustrating – the tea is not listed on the David’s Tea website – though Steepster had a review with this description:  (which is written the same way David’s Tea writes their descriptions, so it must be right!) “Spread the wealth!  Looking for some Inca gold? Try Cocomama’s tea. She was the Incan goddess of pleasure and health, and would have loved this sensual spring blend of lime, coconut, gotu kola and organic black tea. The tea leaves come from Bolivia, part of her vast empire, where a new initiative is helping some of Latin America’s poorest farmers plant tea instead of coca. Try it; it’s satisfying on so many levels.”

My guess is that this is a summer-only tea, and that it’s not available anymore… too bad, since it’s only mid-summer here in the prairies…

Cocomama Lime tea from David's Tea

Steeped up, the tea is light and pleasant, with nicely mingled flavors of lime and coconut, however there is a bit of a strangeness, drinking these two flavors hot. I really preferred the tea iced, where the flavors seemed to make more sense. Overall, while the tea is nice, it’s nothing all that special really; apart from the fact that the citrus taste is pleasant for an iced tea, and there aren’t too many teas (at least not in my tea-basket) that have these citrus tastes.

Emily started with Cocomama cold, and has a blog post about it at What Emily Makes, while Aisling of Tea made up a cocomama lime-fantasy island cream pie with hers (nom! nom! nom!).

Have you tried Cocomama Lime yet (if you had the chance!)?  Do you prefer it hot or cold?  Let us know in the comments below!

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